A Gemini woman is full of mysteries and charm. She is one of those women who loves to have really good time with her guy. So you have to make sure that she is always happy and satisfied in order to retain her.


A Gemini woman is very witty and very humorous by nature. You have to understand and compliment her how witty she is and how humorous she is. You have to show her that you enjoy her company as she finds this quality in a guy very sexy.


A Gemini woman is one of the best conversationalists. She knows how to talk, she can engage in stimulating and engaging conversations for hours. So it is very important that you are a good conversationalist and have the ability to engage with her in interesting conversations as it is a huge turn on for this woman.


A Gemini woman will instantly get seduced if you manage to be a bit mysterious and make her want you for more. If you manage to create a sense of mystery around her, you should always surprise her with your new moves and ideas to arouse her.


A Gemini woman loves experimenting, so if you want to seduce her, always be open for experimenting new things. Asking her for making out in an elevator or just making out at your friends place will drive her nuts as she is always game for it.


A Gemini woman is also one of those girls who likes to be naughty and kinky in bed. Try to display her your wild and entertaining side in the bed and she is bound to go crazy for you as she finds it to be very sexy.


One of the best ways to seduce her is to make her show and display how witty and intelligent you are. As intelligent guys are a huge turn on for these girls and they will like to spend more time with you if you manage to impress her with your wit and intelligence.


One of the biggest turn-on’s for these woman is also the fact that if you match up her sexuality and sensuality. If you manage to prove and show that you are also equally sexy and sensual as her. She will totally go nuts for you.


A Gemini woman also gets seduced by a guy who is a very good kisser. Make sure you know how to grab her and kiss her, your kiss should be very passionate and seductive making her want for more!


If you manage to keep her guessing, if you manage to always surprise her and manage to keep an aura and an air of mystery with her. She will always be aroused and seduced to have intimacy with you and she will increase her closeness towards you.


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