A Leo Woman is always surrounded by lots of people and admirers. She is charismatic, energetic and sexy. She is the glamorous types and for her what matters the most is how much attention you can give to her.


A Leo woman totally loves to get compliments. She loves to get flattered so don’t be shy to express how gorgeous she looks as she will totally appreciate the fact that you are complimenting her. She also likes when a guy has the balls to confront and say how much he needs her. She finds this quality quite sexy.


Leo woman is a lioness, she likes to control and take the lead. She is the woman who will take care of every aspects in the relationship. So let her take the lead and take her the frontline. Allowing her to do so will arouse her more to get more intimate with  you as it will allow he to be at her best.


A Leo woman is very passionate and seductive when it comes to the bed. She will expect the same amount of passion and intensity while you guys get close.


A Leo woman is the one who love physical intimacy a lot and for her foreplay is as important as sex. You have to make sure you satisfy her with enough foreplay and occasionally don’t hesitate in going down on her.


In order to make her seduce, you have to always compliment her with confidence without feeling shy. Tell her how great her booty is or how you are going crazy behind that curves and how cute her smile is and notice how quickly she gets aroused and seduced.


A Leo woman loves good things in life and all the luxuries to get spoilt with. If you manage to surprise her with a candle lit dinner and making her favorite food and also gifting her some expensive stuff which she wanted for a long time, she will instantly get seduced and aroused.


Don’t be a miser with those hugs and kisses as she loves them a lot. Give her those cute kisses, those tender bites and long hugs and she will be all yours forever.


A Leo woman is very sensual by nature and if you manage to arouse her senses, you are rest assured to have some really good time with her. Make sure you know what she likes and what she does not like and she will appreciate that quality.


Pay attention to her minute details, listen to what she is speaking. React to what she says even on her little things, remember what she said and she will instantly notice this quality in a guy as she this quality finds it to be very endearing and sexy in a guy!

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