Pisces woman are one of the most sensitive and down to earth woman you will ever come across. She is elegant and a very passionate figure in the bed. For her physical intimacy and sex is a very important part of her life.


To seduce a Pisces woman you have to make her feel damn special, you have to make her feel like she is the only thing in the world. She finds this quality in a guy to be very sexy and she surely melts at such guys.


A Pisces woman likes underlying confidence, not too much but some confidence is required to woo her. Just be brave enough to express whatever you have in your mind and she will totally appreciate it.


Compliment her bluntly, tell her that her eyes are sexy, tell her how great her body looks, tell her how she is looking cute in that crop top. She will melt easily getting seduced to spend some quality time with you.


If she is a close friend, grab her tight and give a sudden peck on her cheek. Bite her in her ears and just play with her hair and this girl will simply go crazy for you.


If you manage to make a Pisces woman blush, dude, trust me some really good things are waiting for you. Make her blush, send her a flying kiss in front of her friends or just ask her out when she is standing in between her friends or your common friends. She likes this brave attitude in a guy and it’s a huge turn on for her.


Play with her senses, develop a sexual tension, accidentally brush your body with her, let your hand touch her body, her ass and see how amazing sexual tension develops between you and her.


A Pisces woman likes guys who are passionate rather than boring or plain. They like guys who can ignite fire in their physical intimacy. Making her crave for more is one of the best ways to keep her seduced all the time.


Pisces woman looks for a guy who is a good mix of sensitive and strong persona. A guy who can protect her as well as listen to her never ending talks is what she likes and it’s a major turn on for her.


Seducing a Pisces woman is real fun as it involves a lot of sexual tension, passion and intimacy from both the partners and once the ice breaks with her, boy! You can literally have some real good time with her.



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