Sagittarius woman are full of confidence and they have their own set goals in life. The first thing they will instantly notice in you is the confidence which you carry. A Confidence in a guy is a major turn on for these women as they like guys to be just like them.


Sagittarius women also fall head over heels for someone who are independent and make their own path for anything they want to achieve in life. A Guy with strong values is a major turn on for her. A Guy who can express his love with confidence in front of anyone is the guy who she gets aroused for.


A Sagittarius woman also looks for your appearance. She will take notice of your minute details and if she finds you clean and sexy. Trust me she will be more aroused to spend some quality time with you.


A guy who takes care of himself, who has a great body, who takes care of his looks are also the guys who will surely earn brownie points with these women.


A Sag lady also gets aroused by the mystery a guy can create. Make her want for more, keep her guessing what you will do for her next, let her keep thinking, who are you and what are you all about as its turns her on like crazy. This quality is a must if you want to arouse her senses.


A Sag lady gets bored quickly and she will never like boring things or boring guys in her life. Always keep things interesting with her. Make her happy, bring a smile on her face and she will reciprocate it by coming more closer to you.


A Sag woman also loves guys who can talk. Since they are themselves chirpy and bubbly. A guy with whom they can talk for hours and a guy who can talk on interesting things and engage in stimulating conversations is a huge turn on for this woman.


A Sag woman also likes some wildness in the bed. Never be dull or boring with her, never be afraid to grab her from her waist and give her a passionate kiss while grabbing her booty. She will go crazy with such guys as she finds this quality to be very sexy.


To arouse her senses, you have to make her feel good. You have to always make her feel special. Just simply compliment her on how gorgeous she looks and how you were staring at her ass while she was walking. Add some naughtiness and that’s a sure shot way to madly arouse her.


Just manage to have well rounded conversations, always smile and make her smile, show your passion and intelligence. Make her feel special and just see how much seduced this lady becomes and she will be all the more physically intimate with you.


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