Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius relationship is union of two highly intuitive and intelligent people. They share same characteristics which helps them to co-ordinate with each other. They both would enjoy exploring things together and learn from it.

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Aquarius personality:

Aquarius people are creative individuals. They have capability to think ahead of time thus they often come up with innovative ideas. They may set high and difficult aims which look impossible at times. Aquarius people are also hard working thus they eventually achieve their goals. They have positive attitude towards the life. Aquarius people are honest about everything. They would simply speak whatever comes first into their minds. They like to have their freedom so that they can do anything they want. They are fun loving people and like to meet new people. They make healthy bonds with all the people they meet. Their moodiness prevents them from being consistent. They are also of helping nature. They would like to help people with their brilliance. They are broadminded and spiritual people thus they often think for the betterment of the people.

Aquarius and Aquarius relationship is purely based on their easy going and friendly nature. This may also cause some minor problems in their bonds. They both like to make their own rules and always break the rules created by the world. They may also refuse to agree with their partner. Besides this, there are not so problems in this relationship. They both are forgiving and they also forget why they were arguing with another person. They are not the people who create unnecessary issues. Their divine and witty natures always up hold their relationship. Since, they both are independent they will never envy or have possessiveness for each other.

Aquarius and Aquarius relationship:

Aquarius and Aquarius relationship is more of mental than emotional. They both are practical and responsible people thus they will often discuss about their work. They may have common objectives and would like to work together. They both are rigid thus they will have to make some compromises to be together. They both are also moody in nature. While working together, one of them may show need to go away for some time so that they can become fresh again; another Aquarius may also have the same habit thus they will never decline it.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius always enjoy their bonding. They become good siblings, friends and co-workers. As family member and lovers they share many light moments. Business associations would achieve good success. They would also learn new things together. They will also be supportive to each other. In parent-child relationship, Aquarius people make great parents as they will always try to motivate their children.

 Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius make very fine start of their relationship. But problems may rise as this relationship becomes old and they start to understand each other. Aquarius and Aquarius both show moodiness and this makes them erratic for each other. They tend to stay outside more often than spending time at home with one another. This also increases the gap between them. They are mentally too strong to understand the feelings of each other. They are often thinking about improving their future which makes them forget about the present and their personal life. Aquarius and Aquarius should try to express themselves as much as possible otherwise things will remain to themselves only.

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 Aquarius and Aquarius Personalities:

Aquarius Man

Aquarius Woman


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