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Aquarius as a child

Aquarius children are really unique and they tend to think a lot. They have inquiring minds and you will find them always doing new stuff. They are not as naughty or troublemakers as an Aries or a Libra child but they also have a naughty and mysterious side to them. These kids are also very experimental in nature so don’t be surprised or shocked wither if you ever find the taking apart your mobile phone or the TV remote and again joining the parts after dismantling it. Their experimental and enquiring nature also makes them very good in science and physics and other related fields and you will always find teacher praising their parents about their analytical skills and observation.

These kids are a little bit reserved in making friends as compared to other sun signs, but once the ice breaks, these kids are really interesting and fun to be with. These children are dreamers and always think more than the other children of their age. They are also good at academics and extra-curricular activities. They can be good leaders too. All they need is a role model who inspires and motivates them to do excellent things because these children can get easily influenced by someone’s activities or preaching. You will find them very happy when they are given their own space and freedom in life because they like to make their own world and live happily in it.

These children are also highly intelligent and good decision takers, so when it comes to taking decisions in life, they are almost always right. Hence to raise these children, parents need to support them in whatever they want to do because they are usually good at deciding what they want in life. All in all these are witty kids and they can go a long way of their parents supports them in their ambitions and goals in life.


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