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Two Aquarius friends can be great friends if they keep their differences aside and maintain their focus on things which they think could improve their bonding to another level. They are energetic, confident and dynamic personalities who are also very straightforward by nature. They will never hide their feelings or emotions from each other and whatever the differences are they will bring it straight to each other. As a result they hardly fight or enter into arguments. They are also creative and they like to do new things. As a result they can even share and successfully implement their ideas together. Since both the sun signs are similar, they also have a great degree of understanding and communication and they can easily read each other’s mind and see to it whether their friend is having any problem or not. As a matter of the fact, Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarius love following creative things. However, their sense of intelligence might make them self-obsessed and far away from other people, even from each other. They could also act rudely to people they consider plain and uninteresting. Aquarius must communicate with each other and know their pros and cons. However, the best element of a friendship between two Aquarius friends is their creative ideas and plans. Aquarius people are ambitious and strive for new things and social bonding. As long as they maintain their communication and understanding, they create a strong and exciting friendship.

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