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Aquarius as mothers

Aquarius moms are the quintessential modern moms whom you will find up to date with the latest trends in life just like their kids, be it the latest songs in her mobile or the latest book launched or the latest trend in dressing, their kids will never feel a generational gap with their Aquarius mom.

Aquarius mothers are the most sincere and devoted mothers you will ever find. They will always take their parenting role seriously because their kids are the most important things in their life. The main objective of her existence is her kids. She will constantly crave that her children is getting everything they want. She is very devoted in her parenting and she can also be strict at times which their children may find it tough to handle. She is very protective and possessive for her children and will always keep a tab on their whereabouts and what they are up to. Even as mothers they are very unpredictable in nature. These moms are most of the times very friendly and jovial in nature and that’s the quality which their children may appreciate a lot.

The Aquarius sun sign itself is not very expressive in nature and even in their parenting these moms are not very expressive about their love towards their children even though they love them to the core and at times because of this the children may feel that they are not given enough love or attention and they may get wayward.You will also find an Aquarius mom very chatty and friendly with their daughters and their daughters can’t just live without their moms. They are equally possessive and protective for their sons too. One of the most important elements in parenting of an Aquarius mother is their cleverness, clarity and sensitivity.


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