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Aquarius woman in bed

Aquarius woman is usually a woman of substance and you are bound to find them very confident and active in their sexual life. Aquarius woman are capable of achieving big orgasms and they are also very good at seducing their partners. They are not shy or they do not feel embarrassed to convey their feelings to their partner when it comes to sex life. Be it new moves or some surprise elements in the bed, Your Aquarius woman will always delight you in the bed and will always keep you wanting for more. These women are also very expressive by nature so expect some fireworks in the bed. She is the type of woman who sometimes likes to kiss, cuddle and enjoy quality foreplay before heading to the final move, but most of the time she prefers hardcore sex. This woman can also get kinky at times and you may find them doing some notorious stuff in the bed. She is quite an adventurous character and she is also full of energy and passion when it comes to lovemaking.

But at the same time, she is also not the type of woman who considers sex as one of the most  important activities of her life, sp do not expect her to invest a lot of time for having sex with you. She also does not believe in mixing her emotions and sentiments while having sex. She knows how to keep both the things apart. She considers sex as just another human process and allows it to come as it is. She believes sex is only for pleasuring our sexual urges and she also finds immense joy in giving her partner the pleasure he deserves. She will always make it a point that her partner’s needs are always fulfilled in the bed.

She is also the type of woman who prefers hard sex instead of those cute cuddles and kisses. She believes in action more than words and that’s the reason you may also witness a wild side of hers occasionally in the bed. She can be really dominating at times and she can also allow you to take control. It all depends on her mood, because these women are also found to be very moody at times and they like to throw tantrums in the bed which may affect their partner’s ego.  She is also very sporty in general and she will never hesitate in trying out new things and experiments with her partner. She is also the type of woman who does not feel pressurized or embarrassed to do something just because it is not considered right according to the world or the society. She is a very open minded woman and not the traditional shy girl you will always come across. So if you have an Aquarius woman as your girlfriend or a wife, you already know how lucky and blessed you are because she must have already given you some of the best pleasurable moments in the bed.




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