Aquarius Woman


Aquarius Woman is eccentric, unstable but creative person. She is of friendly nature and make lots of friends. She likes to go out traveling and enjoy the life. Usually stay away from getting committed to anyone and love is not the thing for her. She is funny and cheerful thus people from both the sexes get attracted to her. She likes to have her own space and can look absent to others. This nature of being independent can help her in her professional life but can create problems in love life. She is talkative and will talk with anyone she meets that is the reason she is always surrounded with people, especially men. She tends to get bored of repetitive things and loses her interest in it. She is clever and likes to study new things.

Aquarius Woman

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Aquarius Woman

She prefers to follow her own rules and like people of same kind. She would like to have partner who is true and honest. She would analyze your behavior before committing to you. She will be more interested in her social life but you don’t have worry about her loyalty as Aquarius Woman makes lifetime relationship. She would take really long time to overcome her past relationship. She will trust you and would expect same from you. She would do her best to save the relationship in case there are some conflicts between you two. She would like to share your thoughts and feelings but you should not get upset if she is not willing to open up her mind to you. She takes long time to share her inner most secrets with her partners. She can be moody sometimes and you will have to deal with frequent swings in her mood.

Aquarius Woman will always have men buzzing around her which can give you reason to worry about your relationship. In such condition you should have some patience and faith in your woman as she will be extremely loyal to you.

Aquarius Woman

As a wife she will give you lots of love but she will may show uneasiness to have motherhood. You will have to make her comfortable to be a mother. Once she has gained that confidence then she can take care of her baby by her own. She is not good in romance and in expressing her love with physical gestures and you will have to teach her that. She will always be present to solve their children’s problems.  With her intellects, she will help you  to solve all the problems in your personal and professional life.

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  4. Mahnur Khan says:

    i m one ov an aquarius woman .. every thing is go0d in me except my relation …… i loved him , he also cared me he was serious wid me but we broke up . yeah it’s true that we are not good for relationship ……….. bcx i miss him each nd every tym nd want him back in my lyf but not for so longer bcx with him will finish my future but my eg0 is not allowing me to go back in his life … he is an aries man .., lovely person but not so good looks as i have ……….. plx tell me more about me bcx i can’t understand my self anymore and pls als0 help me by telling the problems between these both zodiac signs and tell me how to solve it . as easier as uh can .. please want more information

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