Aries and Gemini



Every fun loving person will look to find another funny and humorous person to be his/her partner. This is just the same combination that we will be talking about. Aries and Gemini both are playful, cheering and active people. Aries and Gemini both can have very good time together due to similarities in their nature.

Aries personality:

With innovative mind, attractive personality and will to dominate others, Aries can be attention seekers at times. They like to live independently and take part in social events actively. Winning is the only way they know, thus they are always surrounded by their supporters. They have tendency to challenge every next person. Challenges are like fuel to their lives. Sometimes they take unnecessary risk which can cause them harm mentally, physically or financially. They often ignore the consequences which can hold them in trouble.

Though looking fiery Aries are also soft and sensitive from inside. If they see anyone in need of their help then they will run immediately to help them.

Gemini personality:

Gemini people are clever and logically rational. In addition, they are also high-spirited and jolly people. You will see them actively working in their surroundings. They don’t like wasting their time and would prefer to utilize it for better things. Aries and Gemini live in present and would not keep scratching the wounds received from their past. They can overcome their past easily. They have tough mindset; they make their own target and try to achieve it. Though they have good intellectual skills they never try to dominate anyone. They also like travelling and socializing.


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Aries And Gemini

Gemini would have to be practical in order to convert their ideas into action. They don’t like anyone keeping them under control.

Aries and Gemini relationship:

Aries and Gemini both can have several similarities. Aries and Gemini both don’t like to be controlled by others. They like to live independent life, help needy person and they both are capable of bringing innovative ideas. They both can be unreliable too as they lack patience. They both can be childish sometimes.

Aries and Gemini


As siblings, friends, lover or work associates they can have good bond between them. They both will know their duties and would complete it. There is a good synchronization between them but it can also become mechanical rather than two individuals working or living together. Their tendency of living independent can keep them away from each other. Their understandability keeps relationship trouble free. As Gemini is never trying to take lead or dominate Aries, they accept to work under Aries. As Aries is not so rational as compared to Gemini, they also adjust to Gemini’s personality.

This relationship is more like friendship. They may be lovers, relatives or professionals but their relationship remains very friendly. They can have good communication among them even if they are fighting with each other. In this relationship, both of them would like to mock or mess with each other. Since both of them are equal they tend to stand as opponents to each other and laugh it off. Together they both can be best pals and would complete any tough task. They both lead positive lifestyles and cheer each other.


Aries and Gemini

They can also have good relationship with each other as both of them prefer to have and give enough space to each other. They both would go on long trip to enjoy their holidays as they like travelling and exploring new places. They both have witty nature which makes it less prone to fights and anger. Like them, they will also treat their children like friends. This will increase the quality of communication between them.

Though this relationship looks splendid, there can be some bad moments in this relationship. Who in this world is so perfect? They both can tend to run away from their responsibilities. Since Gemini is more interested in keeping social life happy, it can make Aries person feel possessive and sometimes jealous. Due to dominating nature of Aries, Gemini can find it difficult to cop up with them. Gemini would feel that their partner is being more selfish. Aries can try to run away from running conversation if he finds it out of his context.

They both should have control over their active energies and try to adjust with each other. Otherwise, this relationship can have bright and happy future ahead.

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