Aries and Libra


When Fire meets the Air it will only add more fuel to the Fire and would help it to burn more vigorously. Aries represents the fire whereas the Libra represents the air. This can be good combination as both will add more excitement and energy to this relationship. They both match up to each other’s aspirations.

Aries personality:

Aries people are born to lead other people. Aries and Libra possess the good looks and skills set that are hard to find. They are always ready for adventures and would give it head start. They like to be independent. Ram makes his own decisions and would not allow anyone to order them anything. They like to be at their best whether it is their personal life or professional life. They like to dominate others which well supported by their managing skills. They are naturally short-tempered and impulsive. They are happy-go-lucky types of people who wouldn’t care about what others think. They also lack patience which is important for completing any tricky work.

Libra personality:

Libra people are intelligent and innovative people. They are attractive and romantic individuals. Libra people have lots of positive energy filled inside. Though they are logical person, they lack practicality and ability to finalize their decision. They help people by listening to their problems and giving them advises. They are extremely friendly thus they are also liked by all people. Their intelligent mind helps them to understand both parties and talk for both of them. They are capable of providing any support that you want. They can talk on any subject. Libra people always try to maintain balance with their environment. They always try to make peace without hurting anyone.


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Aries And Libra


Aries and Libra personality:

As Aries and Libra come closer and try to understand each other, they both feel that other one has better qualities than what they have. Aries people wish to have logic and the romantic characteristics that are possessed by the Libra people, whereas Libra wishes to have exciting life like Aries people. They are afraid of the failures thus they try to compromise rather than having firm decisions on it. This can easily make Aries people annoying or angry. Aries people normally have habit of arguing unnecessarily but in this case, they know that they can’t win over Libra people and hence they avoid doing so.

Aries And Libra

Aries people have high respect for Libra people due to their ability to make impartial decisions but their ego would not allow them to tell this to Libra people. Every time Aries people take on Libra people they suffer from failure and their ego is shattered by Libra people. Libra people are calm and maintain peace with other people but they can get really angry if Aries starts to torture them.

Aries and Libra

On the positive side they can have well balanced relationship with each other. If they are friends or siblings then they will admire each others’ company. They can also show good competition between them. As relatives they have better communication between them. If they are ready to accept their differences and co-ordinate properly then they can make good business associates. If there is couple with Aries man and Libra Woman then there is chance of having great satisfying love relationship. They can become good caretakers of their children.

In order to make this relationship work, Aries will have to give away his ego and Libra will have to show more firm nature as far as decision taking is concerned. Aries people can go up to any limit just to win over Libra people. This can severely hurt Libra people. Libra people have habit of socializing and helping others but this can create barrier between Aries and Libra person. If they both decide to co-operate with each other then they can learn important things from each other. Libra can teach them to maintain the balance in their life. They can also provide necessary support and admiration that Aries people need. Aries can provide Libra people all the pleasures that they need. Aries will need to behave properly in order to have good communication.

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