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Aries As a child

Aries child are usually very naughty and mischievous, they are the kind of children which can give their parents a run for their money. They are total brats always troubling their parents. They are those kind of kids where you every third day you get complain from the school teachers about their new mischiefs. Since Aries people are very energetic, intelligent and possess leadership qualities, they are also very good at sports and academics. To handle an Aries child, the parent has to keep ample amount of patience and should not lose their cool. The parent needs to understand that it is in their natural instinct to be a little naughty and enthusiastic. They are naturally energetic children and they are always up to doing new things. As a parent being strict with them won’t work as much as being friendly with them because Aries are born leaders and they don’t like someone dominating them, even if the ones who are dominating are their parents. One has to keep a lot of patience with an Aries child because they are intelligent but all they need is the right guidance and a friendly advisor who can push them to their limits. You will find an Aries child either good at sports or academics or leading one of the social parties or political groups at college or schools. He/she may also have lot of friends because their positive energy attracts a lot of people. No doubt, they are a little bit tough to handle but they are also one of the most talented bunch of kids where if they are pushed to their limits with the right guidance, they can prove to be great human beings. All in all they are happy go lucky kids who are naughty and talented.

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