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Gemini people are always found to be a little shy and conservative type of personalities while Aries as we all know are the opposites of shy. So it is highly possible that a Gemini may get attracted to the charming and dynamic nature of an Aries while an Aries may like the practical and composed nature of a Gemini with whom he can share his inner feelings thoughts and find some peace and solace. Well sometimes it may become tough for a Gemini to match the energy levels of an Aries and as result Aries may sometimes find them boring or too conservative. While chances are also that a Gemini may sometimes want Aries to control their emotions and energies and stay in total balance with them. These two sun signs share an amazing chemistry of physical energy and intellectual strength. In this case it is their different personalities which help them to create a exciting bonding and understanding in their friendship. Aries and Gemini together could face and tackle almost all the facets of any problems in life and come up with excellent ideas and strategies. Gemini’s take any arguments they have lightly and in a fun manner, while Aries take them more seriously and this may sometimes lead to fights or misunderstandings between them. Because of the different ways in which they react to serious or harsh remarks, it is suggested to not enter into heated arguments between them as far as .As a matter of the fact, Aries is a fire sign and Gemini is an air sign, so both are highly compatible to each other. No doubt, Aries and Gemini are one of the most exciting and harmless pair of sun signs as far as friendship is concerned.



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