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Aries and Aquarius are two exact opposites of each other in character traits. While we all know Aries are always oozing out with energy and excitement while Aquarius are very peaceful calm and composed people who mind their own business and live in their own world. The Aries are more usually found to be more energetic partners of the friends and they are far more physically active while the Aquarius balances the dynamism, excitement and energy of his Aries friend and supports them with creative strategies and plans. An Aries-Aquarius friendship makes a very interesting and exciting bonding as a result of the charming nature of Aries and ambitious nature of an Aquarius. Their friendship can always be fun and adventurous. Since these two sun signs are also totally different from each other, they can communicate well with each other. Above that they also share some common qualities like they both love thrills in life and love to flaunt in front of other people. An Aquarius will always admire the energetic and exciting nature of Aries while an Aries may get intrigued towards the vision and intelligence possessed by an Aquarius. Another reason why the friendship could be a hit between these two signs is they both are highly loyal people. As a result they will never hurt each other and always be there for each other during the tough times. They both can be on the same page while sharing creative ideas. But the difference may start to occur when the stubborn Aries may not agree with the view shared by his Aquarian friend and it is at this point arguments or misunderstandings could arise in a rather nicely flowing friendship. Well, no doubt Aries and Aquarius are one of the most interesting combinations and they can share an amazing bond of friendship, but to make this friendship a long lasting one, An Aries surely needs to be patient and understanding while an Aquarian has to be co-operative and loyal.



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