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When you try to light up two fire crackers at the same place we all know chaos happens. Similar is the case with two friends being an Aries and Libra. While we all know Aries are energetic and enthusiastic, but a matter of the fact is that even Libra is one of the most energetic, chirpy and passionate sun signs in the zodiac. So it is but natural that these two friends will share exciting chemistry where there will be lots of mischievous, pranks, creativity and humor. Above that both these sun signs are highly creative so chances are that they can even successfully share creative ideas at the workplace or anywhere and stay on the same page. As a result Aries and Libra sense a powerful attraction towards each other in all kinds of relations they share. They are not only complimenting each other well but also have mutual admiration and appreciation for each other and they enjoy each other’s company. But with that also comes the carefree or we can say reckless nature of Aries and impractical nature of Libra which could often lead to an ego clash and misunderstandings between them if they are not open to each other for the longest time and do not communicate their feelings properly. Aries come inborn with qualities most people adore and desire for. They are highly independent, confident and talented individuals with strong personalities and very high desires. Their friendship develops as and when they get acquainted with each other and soon after they realize they have lots of things in common and they enjoy each other’s company a lot.

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