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One of the best combinations as far as friendship compatibility is concerned is Aries and Sagittarius sun signs. There are many traits which are similar in both these sun signs which make them a good combination and ultimately lead to a better friendship and bonding. A friendship between an Aries and a Sagittarius opens up a variety of exciting and adventurous times. These are two very compatible sun signs and they could have an exciting life, with both of them always after adventure and exciting things. They both strive and love to experience life and are good adventurers. However the dynamic nature of their relationship makes it more prone to accidents and they have to be very careful. Aries always act or do things without thinking. Sagittarius friends are very efficient at calculating things. Since both these sun signs are very enthusiastic and optimistic they make very good friends and share a great level of loyalty, trust and respect. As a matter of the fact, the dominating planet of Aries is Mars and that of Sagittarius is Jupiter, so both are very contrasting personalities in real life. Thus both Aries and Sagittarius ooze with lots of energy and focus their attention to work and similar objectives. Aries often come up with new ideas and Sagittarius happily supports them. Sagittarius never minds controlling things from the background letting Aries go after all the glory and accolades. Both the signs are efficient in initiating or starting things, but while Aries quickly lose interest, Sagittarius shows more consistency in finishing the things that were started. However, the best thing about the friendship between an Aries and a Sagittarius is that they are so compatible and similar in their passion, ambitions and goals that they make a very exciting combination of friends who can have a loyal and meaningful friendship.


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