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20 March – 20 April







Monday, Tuesday

1, 7, 9

Geraniums, Honey Suckle

Bloodstone, diamond, Jasper, Topaz ,Ruby

Iron and steel


Aries are jolly, impulsive and are energetic in nature. They like to live independent life and enjoy every moment of their life. Aries are extremely aggressive towards their freedom and they don’t like anyone dominating them. They can be very furious sometimes. They easily get bored of doing repetitive things and find something new that will keep them happy. They have winning attitude and always try hard to come first.


They are known for their leading qualities and hence you will see lots of Aries people becoming successful leaders, business man etc. Due to this, they always have followers following them. Along with dominating qualities they are also courageous. You can always find them in risk taking jobs like Police, Military, guards and fire-fighter or in sports. Aries people are naturally beautiful and can always leave their impression on other people. They know how to impress others with their bold characteristics. They are always cheerful and do whatever they would like to do. They don’t have fear about the result or outcome of it. They are physically fit and posses athleticism. Aries people are very helpful and would also help others financially. They are good financially and don’t care to spend their money.


The aggressiveness and anger of the Aries can cause them to lose their relation in personal as well as in professional life. Their arrogance can irritate their co-workers and lover. They are often indulged in a debate without any particular reason. Aries are always looking for admiration from others but if they fail then they become desperate to get people’s attention back. Their carelessness can lead them to great trouble as they don’t think before doing anything new. Aries like to spend money and are often criticized for this bad habit.
Though Aries are tough and strong individual personality, there is insecurity in their life. Aries person usually cast himself to be unbeatable and have strong will power to conquer everything. They need someone to ensure that they are going on right path. Thus tend to find a person who will stand for them. Aries never shows this insecurity or doubts to anyone, but only understanding partner only.

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Best matches:

Leo, Sagittarius and Libra

Worst choice:

Pisces and Virgo

Aries in friendship:

As Aries are always dominating people, they always look for betterment of their friends by suggesting them what to do. They seek encouragement from their friend which would boost their confidence and energy. They would help their friend in any trouble and can take any risk for protecting them. Aries person can lie if it helps him to do anything or if it is beneficiary to them. Since they are not such a good liar, any good friend will detect the truth.

Aries in relationship:

They are possessive about their lovers and always need their company. They are loyal and honest to their partners. They would help their partners in businesses with their creative ideas. They like to explore new things. They are often seen going out on long journey with their loved ones. They would often build their own home with the help of their partner and plan their family together.

Aries in professional life:


people are innovative and can generate various ideas for businesses. They can take any risk to start new business. They are volatile in nature and their mood keep on changing. They often keep changing their business if their interest in current one is lost. They have tendency of leaving work undone, which can also cost them financially.

How to attract the Aries person:

In order to attract the Aries person you should praise their actions and give complements to them. Aries people are always looking to gather complements from other people. They like to be admired by people. This makes them feel of being popular and helps them to gain the confidence required to do more work. They usually like to discuss intellectual things. They are always looking for new challenges and need a friend who will always be there for support. Aries will always appreciate the support from other people. They like caring people. Ask them about your doubts and make them feel that you need his advice on it. They not only will give you perfect solution but it will also be beneficiary for you. They like followers. Don’t always listen to them but also suggest something by yourself or they will lose interest in you and move forward. At the same time don’t force them to take your advice or it will result in very bad experience.

Famous people with Aries sign:

Adolf Hitler, Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Adolf Hitler, Paul Robeson, Marlon Brando, Hugh Hefner, Colin Powell,Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Keira Knightley, Mariah Carey, Jackie Chan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr, Fergie, Kristen Stewart, Vince Vaughn, Emma Watson, Kate Hudson

Cultural Translations:

French: Bélier

Portugual: Aries

Italian: Ariete

German: Widder

Arabic: Al Hamal

Spanish: Aries

Syrian: Amru

Turkish: Kuzi

Hebrew: Telï

Swedish: vädur

Egyptian: Arnum

Greek: Kriya

Hindu: Mesha


Word of Advice:

You should avoid being self centered and often listen to others. Let others describe their ideas and act on it.



Aries Personalities:

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Aries Woman

Aries Role :

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