Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn both have such qualities that they both get attracted to each other. They appreciate their differences and qualities possessed by them. They easily form bond between them and rely on each other’s company to proceed ahead in their lives. They would just have to accept their differences and try to understand them after that comes the phase of attraction.

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Cancer personality:

Cancer person has creative personality with gifted talent for arts. They are kind people who are sensitive to other’s feelings. They have sparkling eyes, charisma and politeness which can attract other people easily. They show persistence to stand any situation coupled with the mutable nature. These qualities hold a key for success achieved by any Cancer person. Cancer would also like to lead people or manage small business. They can also motivate people for giving better performance. They would need some good support in order to achieve their dreams. They are imaginary people who like to spend their time watching their fantasies. They may lack self confidence and positivity if they have gone through some rough phase. They would take some time to rise back.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are serious about their ambitions. They show good amount of tolerance and will power to achieve their goals. They can become selfish and rude in order to achieve success in their life. They are simple in nature but they like to show their high status and hence they would dress good and leave from their home. They talk less and believe in practical. They do not ask for admiration but deep down they always want to get praise from other people. They want people to appreciate their work and their success. They seek royal, easy and carefree lifestyle. They may show urges to live independently and earn money but they always come back to their family and share happy moments with them. They always give higher priority to their family. As they are not so talkative, they lack ability express their feelings to their loved ones.

Cancer and Capricorn relationship:

Cancer and Capricorn share some things in common which helps them to understand one another. Cancer person lives his life in association with their past experiences similarly Capricorn also likes to learn from their past memories. They both are caring and devoted to their families.  They both may also have likeness towards the arts. There are some differences which are seen in Cancer and Capricorn relationship. Cancer may have leading qualities but Capricorn takes time to believe in his capabilities. Capricorn person soon realizes that Cancer lacks the ability to make firm decisions like them. Cancer lacks the confidence to start something on their own and need some support from their families. This is not the same with Capricorn people as they make strong and good decisions. Cancer may also lack ability to rise back quickly as they becomes negative about their will. They should learn from Capricorn people as they never stop their fighting spirit even after great fall.

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn both are devoted to the relationships they make with each other. As friends, relative and siblings they show loyalty to each other. They would be very helpful to each other and shower lots of love on others. Since both of them are ambitious, co-operative and materialistic they perform well in business. Cancer and Capricorn can have good romantic life with each other if Capricorn can show little more dedication towards Cancer. They make caring but strict parents. As children they would show lots of respect for their parents.

As we have seen

Cancer and Capricorn

relationship walks in balance as they both show some similarities as well as some differences. Cancer lives in dreamy land while Capricorn likes to live in reality. Cancer can be very sensitive and expressive while Capricorn fails to do the same. There is a critical similarity between them which is urges to lead others. If there is a competition for leadership then Cancer might also take retreat; as they don’t want to hurt Capricorn person. It will depend on how both of them take their relationship ahead and who leads their relationship. It will be beneficial for Cancer and Capricorn if they both take decisions together based on their experiences.

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