Cancer and Sagittarius


Cancer and Sagittarius pair is little difficult and need patience to keep it alive. They both show some significant differences and sometimes similarities in their behaviors and personalities too. Cancer person looks for stable life while Sagittarius person looks for frequent changes and excitement. If they can give some time for each other than they would enjoy joyful moments with each other.


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Cancer personality:

Cancer people like to lead people. They are strict on following disciplines. They may also become harsh if given the opportunity to lead others. Such Cancers can be very successful in their lives but this is not the thing with other cancer people. Cancer people are basically lazy and slow. They may have artistic talent and creativity. If they can work on these attributes of them then they can achieve good heights in their lives. Cancer people are quick witted and kind in nature. They would never hurt anyone intentionally. They like to greet people with sweet smile on their face. They are also good in maintaining their relationship with their beloved people. Cancer may show mood changes sometimes but they can also adjust with other people and their conditions. They like to work in harmony and on the same level of other person. If anyone tries to bully them or pressurize them then they might show you their furious looks too.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are highly social and talkative n nature. They generally make lots of friends due to their good communicating skills. They are also good observers and quick learners. They are always happy and positive while thinking. They like to be honest with people so they might hurt you with their straight answers. They never think what their listeners will think about them, they are always clear about their opinions. Sagittarius person like to take frequent risks their lives in order to maintain the excitements and thrills in their lives. They can also become uncertain about some decisions in their lives. They can also be moody sometimes. They are restless for success. They never settle down for what they have and would always look to gain more. They would like to visit holy places as they are spiritual people and like travelling.

Cancer and Sagittarius relationship:

Cancer and Sagittarius both show good amount of loyalty and compassion, this builds the base for their relationship. Sagittarius has ability to gamble and win, which can help them to earn good amount of money. They both show curiosity for each other in their initial phase of the relationship. Sagittarius people are not so funny like cancer and they like to play pranks on Cancer. Cancer may feel bad for this but they would come back to normal after realizing no harm from Sagittarius.

Cancer and Sagittarius would have to learn some important things about each other. Cancer is not spendthrifts like Sagittarius; they like to earn and save money for future use. While Sagittarius people like to enjoy each moment of their life; which require money. Cancer may not like it and can behave rudely with Sagittarius. If cancer people are of low esteem then they may feel bad about this. At this time Sagittarius would calm them down. Both would feel bad about their act and would apologize for it. Such type of understanding makes their bond even thicker. Cancer would also have to give enough space for Sagittarius person as they like to be independent and free in their life.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius share very happy relationship with each other. If they are siblings, friends or relatives then they would provide good support for each other. They would like to see each other being successful in their personal and professional lives. Hence they would always help each other. Cancer and Sagittarius can’t be successful in their business venture as Sagittarius lack patience to work on it. Cancer will have to be in complete command to take their business ahead. This way he can also fulfill his wish to lead others. They can feel all the emotions in their romantic relationship. Their relationship will grow better with time spent together. Cancer and Sagittarius share amazing bond as parents and children. Cancer make caring parent for Sagittarius while Sagittarius make friendly parent for Cancer person.

Cancer and Sagittarius 

Generally we say; that people start understanding each other with time but this may come false in Cancer and Sagittarius relationship. They may start finding odds between them. Cancer would like to have upper hand in all types of relationship but Sagittarius doesn’t like to take orders from others. Cancer and Sagittarius can be critical moment in this relationship. Cancer will have to put away their dream of leading their partner and co-operate with them. They might have to control their emotions to get better results with their bond shared with Sagittarius person.

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