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Cancer as a father

Cancer is a sun sign which is usually very reserved and polite, they like to have their own world in which they live peacefully. They are very practical thinkers. So when it comes to Cancer fathers they are almost the same in their way of parenting. They are straightforward dads but that doesn’t mean they are not sensitive or something. They have lots of patience to deal with their child’s tantrums. Cancer man also loves to take the responsibilities and they will never back away from their commitments which they have given to their children. They are hard-working dads and their sole purpose of working this much hard is to give their children and family a very happy life. They can also at times become very strict if they find their child taking advantage of them. Usually cancer fathers are very protective and possessive about their child. They can be at times so possessive that their child may start fling pressurized with their dad’s habit. They are also those kinds of dads who will always strive hard to give the finest education to their children even if it means they have to borrow money from other to fulfill their child’s education. They are extremely sensitive towards their daughter while they are equally protective of their son. All in all these are old traditional fathers who believe in old style of parenting and not the ones who will blend according to the generational demands. They give so much of love to their children along with care that their children cannot stay away from them. Like every parent they wish that their child excels in everything they do and to make this happen thy will always be th pillar of strength in their child’s life.

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