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Cancer people are calm, composed and practical minded. Hence, when two like-minded cancer people tend to be friends, it can form an interesting combination. Since both are composed and practical minded, there is always a sense of peace, understanding and balance in their friendship. They also happen to understand and communicate with each other quite well. Cancer friends will always provide stability and balance in their bonding. A friendship between a Cancer and a cancer is a strong relationship with each sign complementing the other and providing exactly what the other friend does not have. Cancer people seek after opulence and comfort, as well as stability and security. Their bond would be even stronger if they worked towards common ends. Their relationship develops gradually over time. Initially, they might seem very dissimilar to each other. But as they become more acquainted with each other, they begin to respect and admire each other. Cancer friends are gifted with sentimental and intellectual qualities. They both place very high value on emotions and feelings. Cancer are fascinated by their other friend’s charismatic and tactful nature. Since both are same sun signs, they also read their minds quite easily and this helps them to clear any misunderstandings if they have in their friendship. Since both the friends are calm and practical minded, they also can share common ideas and successfully implement it. As a result they can even be great office colleagues or business partners. They will also be very loyal to each other and will always make it a point to stand by each other during tough times. With little time and co-operation, they can create an unbreakable bond of long lasting friendship.



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