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Cancer and Leo make an interesting combination, because Cancer is a practical minded and composed sun sign while Leo are known to be adventurous, open minded and out-going. Both are very different sun signs but they have all the traits which can complement each other quite well and help in creating an exciting bond of friendship .Cancer bring stability in their friendship while Leo can bring energy and fun. A friendship between a Cancer and a Leo is one in which both friends could understand and provide support to each other. Leo love to be respected and admired and Cancer look for steadiness and emotional happiness. They are both very loyal and faithful to each other, often possessive of each other, especially among other friends. Their desires are very similar and one sign could give the other what they need. Cancer and Leo like materialistic things, luxury and safety in their lives and love to do things in a stylish manner. However, Leo friends are more dynamic and more exciting while Cancer is more sentimental. If they have any misunderstandings in their opinions, they might find themselves arguing and fighting a lot with each other. However, the most exciting element of a friendship between a Cancer and a Leo is their desire to maintain an stable, balanced and loyal friendship. Cancer and Leo complement each other, and could assist each other in several ways. Together they make a amazing pair and their similar desires and goals call for a meaningful and exciting bond of friendship.

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