Cancer and Pisces are considered to be the two most peaceful and harmonious sun signs in the zodiac. They bond with each other quite well and have a nice level of understanding and communication due to their calm and patient nature. Both these sun signs are quite ambitious in nature even though their approach is different. If they co-operate well together they can not only be great friends but can also be great colleagues or business partners who can successfully implement their ideas. Cancer can bring a lot of stability and practicality in their friendship while Pisces can bring fun and adventurous moments in their bonding. Cancer loves the luxuries and comforts of a wealthy life and sometimes finds it difficult to adjust to the strange attitude of Pisces. They are also very loyal to each other and they share a very great degree of understanding and communication. Cancer is good at starting things while Pisces are interested in a wide variety of things simultaneously. Cancer must give Pisces their independence or else Pisces may feel controlled and may soon drift away from the friendship which cancer may not even be able to notice. Pisces could show Cancer that it is often essential to complete things once started and also the importance of compromise and sacrifice. However, the most interesting thing about a friendship between a Cancer and a Pisces is the similarity in their character and the intensity of their emotions. Cancer and Pisces complement each other very well and could teach and learn from each other. Their emotional and sensitive nature and loyalty to friendship ensure a long lasting bond between the two star signs which could make others envy.

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