Cancer and Virgo makes an interesting combination of friendship where there will be lots of ups and downs, lots of fun, lots of fights and lots of adventures. It makes for an interesting combination because both these sun signs are not only quite different from each other but also their different character traits complement each other nicely. They are practical and composed to their friendship and appreciate and admire each other a lot. Virgo adores Cancer’s calm and quiet yet extremer strength and Cancer appreciates Virgo’s stability and practicality. Cancer and Virgo might not hit it off right from the start; but their bond grows stronger over time. Both signs possess good humour and common sense and well-formed principles to follow in their respective life. They both enjoy expensive possessions and pleasures of life, but are willing to earn them through sheer dedication and hard work. But Cancer’s emotional and sensitive nature could be easily affected by Virgo’s harsh nature criticism; they must adapt themselves and not take them personally. They are very loyal to each other and have a very great degree of communication and understanding. Furthermore, Cancer and Virgo have the same likes and dislikes. They both read each other’s mind very quickly and always come to know if one of them is having any differences or misunderstandings and they are both practical minded and composed; so they hardly enter in any arguments or let things go out of control. However, the most important thing about a friendship between a Cancer and a Virgo is their supreme capacity to work together towards attaining their common and similar aims objectives. Cancer and Virgo love emotional stability, security, comfort and luxury and their joint interests make these signs well suited and compatible for each other.

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