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Cancer as Sibling 

Cancer siblings are a delight to watch growing up and if you have a cancer sibling, you are bound to have lot of fun while growing up with them. If they are younger to you, they will always ask for your attention and they will do their best to gain that. They are also the ultimate cry baby siblings. They are very naughty as a sibling and they can be that type of siblings who will act crying as soon as their parents enter the room pretending to be hurt and taking their parents attention.

They are always up with their notorious pranks while growing up and they also like playing pranks on their siblings because they cherish and have fun in troubling them. No dount cancer is one of the most sensitive and caring sun signs in the zodaic but they can also be very bossy to their sibling if they are elder. If younger they would like to go everywhere with their brother or sister and would fight to do so thus troubling their siblings a lot while growing up. The elder Cancer sibling are also very protective and possessive for their brothers and sisters and they would always be the mother figure or father figure to them showering them with advise all the time.

They elder Cancer siblings are very sympathetic and caring towards their sibling and they consider it as their responisbilty to protect them. After growing up, even if these siblings are apart, Cancer sibling will always try to stay in touch with their brothers and sisters and always asking about their health and well-being. Their house as well as heart are always open for their siblings and thats the best part about the Cancer sibling.

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