Cancer Man


A Cancer man is emotional, sensitive and kind person. He can show swinging moods sometimes; you will see him extremely calm and shy at one moment but at next moment he will be enjoying company of his friends in full mood. Cancer man is intellectual person and likes to be in a state of mind. He is orthodox person and doesn’t like to go against the rules. They are often dreaming their heart’s desires. However cancer person is practical in nature too. If he is hurt then he will hide himself from outer world till he gains his confidence back.



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Cancer Man

Cancer man is economical; he only spends money if it is worth of it. For cancer man quality is more important. Cancer man believes in saving money for the future use. He takes good care of his own belongings like his appearance, his cloths, watch etc. Cancer man is foodie person and has got good taste for food. Cancer man can be mamma’s boy! He is family man and likes to spend more time at home than roaming around. He seeks appreciation for his work. He is helpful in nature and understands emotions of other people.

Cancer man is loyal to his woman and tends to accompany her to the end. He will take really long time to judge you but once he is familiar with you it is all good with him. He will provide continuous love to his partner and family. He is caring and has tendency to give gifts to his loved ones. Once he is committed to you then he will make you fall in love with him. He will guide and support you at the same time he will also provide security to you. Sometimes he may not be ready for a serious relation and may act nervously. Cancer man is sophisticated man and expects same from his partner. As a father he will be at his best while dealing with his kids. He will maintain continuous communication with his children and would help them to solve their personal problems.



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  1. Dani smith says:

    So accurate. It describes my Rod to a T!

  2. I have a cancer friend. He is a true gentleman,and gives great advice. I trust in his friendship. A very tough guy with with a soothing nature, strong and assuring in a supportive way to me. Also find his belief in himself very sexy.

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