Cancer Woman


When you will meet the cancer woman, for the few first dates you will remain confused about her nature, unless you spend more time understanding her. She may show frequent changes in her behavior. At one time she may appear to be very shy and fragile but at next time she may be dancing and yelling with you at club. She may appear nervous at time but very next moment she will be confident and humorous with you. Her real emotions are kept inside safely and you will have to unlock them by gaining her trust and love. This can be difficult at times as she will test you for worthiness.



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Cancer Woman


A fear of rejection is always haunting a cancer woman so she avoids showing her love. She will keep distance with you unless she is comfortable with you. She does not like to share her personal things with anyone else and takes good care of them. She would take care of earrings or ring given by her grandmother. She would also take good care of her fancy dresses and wash them herself. 

Once she gets committed to you she will seek continuous attention from you. She makes a relation for a life time. She has good looks but she will never try to flaunt her body to others. Cancer woman is loyal and romantic person. She has real feminine body and sex appeal which she will give to you. Cancer woman has tendency to get hurt easily and they would cry like a small baby. When they are hurt they expect you to comfort them and take care of her.

Cancer woman is positive about her action and takes some time to adjust with the surrounding; same is applicable to her professional life. She is not only clever person at work but also makes good bond with all the team mates. She is usually ahead to help others. She loves to be at home and do her household chores. She likes being surrounded by her children. Cancer woman is a good cook and foodie also.




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6 Responses to “Cancer Woman”

  1. chinelo says:

    OMG talk bout my Granny’s ring,I love vintage with my life. And my stuffs I hate using them with anyone, even my sisters that’s why I end up buying for them also so they don’t use mine.and talk of crying- I do dat at every little thing!

  2. All this sounds so much like me, i couldn’t stop laughing.

  3. over the years u learn to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.And cut out all that crying,woman up and take charge.LOVIN ME….CANCER TO THE HEAD AND THE HEART!!!!

  4. I like Cancer females they are so caring, and supportive and most of all cute. I’m a Taurus male if any of you Cancer females are on Facebook add me as a friend I will accept all who request to be my friend my name on there is “Deep Voice Taurus”

  5. Actually i am a cancer and that is todally right and i cant beleiv it:)

  6. bakare eniola says:

    omg dis me!!

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