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Capricorn as a Child

Capricorn people are usually very social and outgoing and they are also very good communicators. Hence you will always see your Capricorn kid making new friends and always talking a lot. These kids are naturally popular and you will see the kids of same age flocking towards them. They are not as naughty as Libra or Aries but they are definitely up with a few pranks which others could not detect.Capricorn kids also love going outdoors and going to the parks or gardens because they like travelling and adventures a lot. They are also social in nature so they would always look for the company of other kids, be it playing in the park or studying in the classroom, for them a company is a must.

Capricorn is an athletic sign and they often rule the knees and hence you will always find them inclined towards sports be it football or cricket or any other sports, but he will be very good at it leading the team or being the top performer.  They are also good at music and they have a unique sense of music and they are usually good drummers and guitarists. Because of their outgoing and social nature they will also have lot of friends. Hence to raise a Capricorn kid, you need to give them adequate space and see where their inclinations are and then rightfully support them in their ambitions.

Some Capricorn kids also tend to be reserved and quiet and this type of kids likes to handle their own problems without taking much help from others. These type of kids also needs their parent’s appreciation and they need to assure their Capricorn kids that they are loved and protected.


Capricorn Personalities:

Capricorn Man

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Role :

Capricorn as father

Capricorn as mother

Capricorn as sibling

Capricorn man in bed

Capricorn woman in bed


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