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It takes time to develop a friendship between two Capricorn friends, but once it develops, it becomes a great bond of friendship with amazing chemistry. At first two Capricorn friends may find it tough to be friends but as they spend more time together, they soon realize they are quite similar and they can be great friends. Both are dynamic and energetic personalities with straightforward nature. Hence, there will be never be a dull moment in their friendship and they will never hide their feelings or emotions from each other. Capricorn people are ambitious and all their actions are meant towards achieving these ambitions. They hardly waste time on things they think are unimportant and persevere doggedly towards their aim. Capricorn strives to have little fun in their lives but always maintain comfortable and successful lives. The friends are loyal to each other and neither friend would try to outdo the other. As a matter of the fact, Capricorn is an earth sign, so it is well balanced. Like all earth signs, Capricorn lusts and strives for worldly things and luxuries in life and is also happy to work for them. They strives luxurious places, expensive clothes and flashy cars. Capricorn does not mind regular and same robotic activities as long as they bring in money. Sometimes it would be good for Capricorn to chill a bit and bring some change and variety into their dull and boring lives. Capricorn is good at starting and getting involved in new things. In the zodiac, the goats are traditional and they don’t like taking huge risks. They would much rather stick to less risky and practical strategies and actions that are certain to bring them rewards. This plain and practical efficiency of Capricorn could provide them with lots of glory and success, but it might also keep them distant and away from other people and sometimes even from each other which could dampen the bonding. However, the most interesting element of a companionship between two Capricorn friends is their loyalty towards each other and their combined determination in attaining their goals



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