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Capricorn as Siblings

Amongst all the sun signs in the zodiac, Capricorn siblings are the most humble and loyal siblings you would ever come across. Be it the younger or the elder Capricorn sibling, they are found to be very possessive and over-protective of their brothers and sisters. The elder Capricorns are quiet and calm by nature and sometimes their siblings may misconstrue it as their Capricorn sibling is not loving or interested in their life, but that is not the fact because they are infact the most loving and protective siblings in the zodiac.

As the elder ones they will try their best to fulfill your wishes and bring a smile on your face, They are the protectors as the elder ones. They are very devoted and loyal towards their loved ones and their siblings would always appreciate the caring nature of their Capricorn sibling. They are also very hard working and they will do anything to achieve what they want in life. Even as they grow apart, they will make a constant effort to attend your birthdays at 12 night or the important occasions of your life. They will always make an effort to keep in touch with their siblings because of their caring and loving nature towards them.

Even the younger Capricorn siblings won’t trouble their elder siblings as much as a Aries or Libra sibling who are the naughtiest trouble makers. These siblings would always listen to their elder ones and look up to them as role models. They will hardly fight with them or argue with them either. Overall these are very sweet, humble and warm siblings you would ever come across and as a brother or sister you are bound to have the most comfortable childhood with these siblings.


Capricorn Personalities:

Capricorn Man

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Role :

Capricorn as child

Capricorn as father

Capricorn as mother

Capricorn man in bed

Capricorn woman in bed



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