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Capricorn man in bed

Capricorn man are very serious and intense by nature and they are bound to show that intensity in the bed too. These guys are very serious at whatever they do and for them sex is not a fun or a mode of getting entertained. He takes love seriously and sex more seriously, so with a Capricorn man you are bound to have some intense lovemaking which you could have never got from anyone from any other sun signs. These are very protetive and caring towards their partner and will always take notice of their needs in the bed.

These man also believe in lots of foreplay before they head out for the final shot. One more intersting aspect about a Capricorn man is that when it comes to having sex in the bedroom, they can turn from calm to wild in no time and you would be surprised to see their new side all the time. These guys are also very sensual and erotic by nature and they know almost all the tricks of the trade to make their partner moan. He can be very passionate in the bed and he does have his own fantasies and fetishes which he won’t reveal until he gets too close or till the time he understands his partner.

One more thing which is not exciting about him is that he may nit enjoy the role play or doing anything weird, he just enjoys the normal sex. They are also not as energtic and enthusiastic as an Aries or a Libra guy. These guys are totally perfectionists and they will also keep close attention to the minute details in the bed and to their partner’s needs as they have a tendency to do it even in their normal life. These guys also have a tendency to get attached to the girls they get close to. They don’t believe in one night stands and almost all the times they start to develop feelings for the opposite sex once they get physical with them. They are also ver emotional and sensitive sometimes and they will not agree on doing some wild stuff in the bed most of the times and this could majorly affcet the sex lives of their partner to great extent. He enjoys satisfying his partner and this may be the only reason he may agree sometimes tot ry out something new if their partner requests for. These guys are a little bit unexpressive and reticent and would never express their feelings in the public but in the bed they will express everything through their lovemaking.

Overall, these are the ultimate cute guys you would like to sleep with in the bed and have some notorious fun. If you have a Capricorn partner, be assured that you will have great sexual encounters with him and you will always ask for more because he totally knows how to please and satisfy a woman.


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