Chinese Zodiac Signs and Characteristics


Like our western astrological sun signs, Chinese astrology also has Chinese zodiac signs and characteristics. Unlike western, Chinese astrology has different symbolic animals. They have 60 years of predefined cycle for describing zodiac sign of the person. Each year describes a particular zodiac sign and its personality. I mentioned all the zodiac signs as per our western calendar so that it may be useful for you to find out your Chinese zodiac sign quickly:


Element: Wood

Date group: 4th February to 5th March

Tiger people are willing to take any challenge. They are courageous, strong and fearless. They are high on confidence and optimism. They can be pretty much dominating on others. Other people can also find them controlling at times. They are high spirited people and look to win everything. They are kind and affectionate people but they are often misunderstood by others. With some understanding of other people’s requirements, they can become good leaders. They can be called stubborn as they always follow own instincts. They are good in arts like drama, music etc.

Chinese Zodiac Signs and Characteristics

Compatible signs:  Horse, dog


Element: Wood

Date group: 6th March to 4th April

Rabbit people value their relationships and friends. They are kind and get mixed with others very easily. They like socializing and can be seen in every social event. They tend to trust people easily thus get hurt or misused by others. They are more of giving and calm people. They are peace loving people thus easily get adjusted with anyone. They often fail to take their own decisions and depend on others for it. They have tendency to hide their emotions which can break them emotionally. They need to learn to speak their mind otherwise they will always be dominated by others. Rabbit people can be very romantic and pleasurable partner in relationship.

Compatible signs: Pig, Dog


Element: Earth

Date group: 5th April to 4th May

Dragon people are helpful and caring people. They would take any risk to help anyone. One should not misinterpret them as calm and easy to win over. They are equally powerful fierce people. They are very powerful individuals and can be very destructive when tried to misbehave. They also show good amount of patience which keeps them calm regardless of impulsive activities around them. Dragon people have attractive personality which can lure people towards them. They can be choosy while making friends as they prefer to have friends who are selfless and intelligent. They are not really romantic people. They can be good lawyer, politician, leader etc.

Compatible signs: Rat, monkey


Element: Fire

Date group: 5th May to 5th June

Snake people are constantly looking for something new and fresh. They get bored of dealing with same things. Due to such tendency they can be called as impulsive and unstable people. In fact they are intelligent and hard working but these qualities will come out when they are actually needed or when they are doing something of their own interest. Snake people like breaking traditional rules. They can be flirtatious in nature but if they get serious about their relationship then they will make loyal partner too. They will not like anyone controlling them otherwise they will try to escape away.

Compatible signs: Ox, Rooster


Element: Fire

Date group: 6th June to 6th July

Horse people are highly positive, athletic and social. Their biggest strength is their communicating skills. They also like traveling and meeting other people. They are good observers and also like to listen from others. This is also the reason why they are always up to date in terms of their knowledge. They can become good journalist, new reporter or writer. They often have tendency to head start anything without taking proper precautions which can put them in danger. This can create problems in their love life. Though they are clever people they lack stability. They need to be more firm to get what they deserve. Horse people have good humor to entertain others.

Compatible signs: Tiger, Dog


Element: Earth

Date group: 7th July to 6th August

Goat people have down to earth and very simple nature. They prefer to work in co-operation as they lack ability to take responsibilities but they can also do their assigned job very efficiently. They can make career in with arts, gardening, modeling etc. Goat people like to have their privacy. They often stay away from fame and recognition. They live simple life.

Compatible signs: Rabbit and Pig


Element: Metal

Date group: 7th August to 7th September

Monkey people are energetic, active and playful in nature. They have curiosity to learn new things. Like a real life monkey, they have mischievous nature. They are always looking to have enjoyment and fun. They can have problems with people who are short tempered and serious in nature. They can find monkey people rude and notorious. They need patient and calm partner to tolerate them. As they are always active and friendly, they can make quick money in their life. They can also surprise people with their intelligence and imagination. Love and relationships can also be the way of enjoyment for them.

Compatible signs: Rats and Dragon


Element: Metal

Date group: 8th September to 7th October

Rooster people have good looks and charm. They are very well organized and particular about their work. They are attention seekers and need to socialize a lot. They may also show punctuality every time. They can have arrogant and critical nature towards other. They are proud of their qualities and often tend to brag about it. They can also try to control others; they actually have good qualities which can make them good manager. They can have habit of hiding their mistakes. Rooster people are honest and truth speaking people.

Compatible signs: Snake, ox


Element: Earth

 Date group: 8th October to 6th November

Dog people are always alert and curious in nature especially to avoid negative things. They respect their duties towards their family, chi8ldren and friends. They can also be courageous and strong willed people. Honesty and faithfulness are their biggest virtues. They show friendly nature and can easily get along with others. They can also show suspiciousness sometimes. They are practical in work but when they are ideal they can show laziness too.

Compatible signs: Tiger, horse


Element: Water

Date group: 7th November to 6th December

Pig or Boar people are calm and serene in nature. They are affectionate and caring people. They often crave for love and security. Pig people are friendly but can show reserved nature. They like helping others. They are brave and adventurous people. They can look unexpressive and rude from outside but deep down they are emotional people. They seek materialistic pleasures. When in relationship they will prove their loyalty. They tend to run for help when their friend is in need.

Compatible signs: Sheep, Rabbit


Element: Water

Date group: 7th December to 5th January

Rat people are intelligent and can also be manipulative in nature. They are gifted with creativity and strong will power thus they always succeed in their work. They have highly active and athletic body. They have good social skills like they can be very talkative and friendly. Such qualities make them very effective leader. Rat people can easily analyze other people but they never let others know about them. They have little rude and short tempered nature which can cause some trouble for others.

Compatible Signs: Monkey, Dragon, snake, ox


Element: Earth

Date group: 6th January to 3rd February

Ox people are highly stable and firm people. They have strong body which helps them to work for long hours. They follow old and traditional methods than going after new and unknown. They can also show unwillingness to change their mind. They are ambitious people and are ready to go any limit. Hard work and consistency are their positive points. They show high tolerance while working. Ox people may not be romantic but they can be loyal and caring lover. They are good listeners but can also show demanding nature. Never try to hurt them because they can be revengeful.

Compatible signs: Rooster, Snake




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