Chinese Zodiac Signs and Years


Chinese astrology uses lunisolar calendar which means they refer to both lunar and solar calendars. In china people use lunar calendar to decide their festivals and holidays while solar calendar for daily activities. All the Chinese zodiac signs and years are calculated according to lunar calendar. Unlike any other calendars Chinese calendar has 60 years of cycle which are repeated again and again. One can decide his/ her zodiac sign based on following information.

Here is short description of all the signs, their years and favorable time:


Year: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972,    1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Favorable time: 11 PM to 1 AM

Basic traits: Rat people are self assuring people. They keep taking new challenges and work and show their excellence through it. The can be hasty and impatient. They have witty and friendly nature. at worse they can be cunning people.


Year: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Favorable time: 1 Am to 3 AM

Basic traits: Ox people are stable and strong people. They show patience and hard working attitude towards their work. They have rigid nature which makes them believe in their own.


Year: 1902,1914,1926,1938,1950,1962,1974,1986,1998,2010,2022

Favorable time: 3 AM to 5 AM

Basic traits: They are ultimate warriors. They have aggressiveness, power and courage to take any challenge and win it. They are dominating people but can also have kind heart. They have ability to influence people. They are passionate lovers.


Year: 1903,1915,1927,1939,1951,1963,1975,1987,1999,2011,2023

Favorable time: 5 AM to 7 AM

Basic traits: Rabbit people are kind, calm and little reserved people. They may shy to reveal their real personality. They have creative mind and artistic talents. They are caring in nature.


Year: 1904,1916,1928,1940,1952,1964,1976,1988,2000,2012,2024

Favorable time: 7 AM to 9 AM

Basic traits: Dragon people are good leaders. They are powerful and aggressive people but also have good patience to control these qualities. They can beat any other sign but they often choose to stay aloof. They are intelligent, optimistic, kind, and undefeated force.


Year: 1905,1917,1929,1941,1953,1965,1977,1989,2001,2013,2025

Favorable time: 9 AM to 11 AM

Basic traits: Snake people are imaginative, intelligent and alert people. They are also natural charmer. They have reserved nature and like to spend time alone. When in relationship they can show suspiciousness initially. They can be manipulative and demanding.


Year: 1906,1918,1930,1942,1954,1966,1978,1990,2002,2014,2026

Favorable time: 11 AM to 1PM

Basic traits: Horse people are positive and honest people. They are good in communicating with others. They are also good observers. They crave for knowledge. They often trust people easily and this can bring trouble for them.


Year: 1907,1919,1931,1943,1955,1967,1979,1991,2003,2015,2027

Favorable time: 1 PM to 3 PM

Basic traits: Goat people are imaginative and slightly indecisive in nature. They are kind and understand other person’s emotions easily. They can have negative personality but they also show strong will to succeed in their task.


Year: 1908,1920,1932,1944,1956,1968,1980,1992,2004,2016,2028

Favorable time: 3 PM to 5 PM

Basic traits: Monkey people are highly active and playful people. They are friendly, witty and intelligent. They like to be in spotlight. They can trap people in their web of words.


Year: 1909,1921,1933,1945,1957,1969,1981,1993,2005,2017,2029

Favorable time: 5 PM to 7 PM

Basic traits: Rooster people are punctual and well organized people. They have good reasoning ability. They have realistic attitude towards life. They can become critical and self praising.


Year: 1910,1922,1934,1946,1958,1970,1982,1994,2006,2018,2030

Favorable time: 7 PM to 9 PM

Basic traits: Dog people are kind, caring and honest in nature. They are protective for their loved ones. They have courageous nature. Their alertness can make them possessive at times. They can argue when it is needed otherwise will avoid that subject.


Year: 1911,1923,1935,1947,1959,1971,1983,1995,2007,2019,2031

Favorable time: 9 PM to 11 PM

Basic traits: Pig people are insecure and they need firm support to come out of their shell. They are affectionate and simple people. They can also show confident and positive approach. They can make loyal partner in love relationship.


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