Chinese Zodiac Year 2012


Chinese zodiac year 2012 is called the year of Dragon. Dragon is sacred animal in Chinese history. It is said that Dragon had mystical powers in it. They say it came from sky which means from heaven. Dragons are directly connected with water which is life source for human. Due to such qualities their presence is considered lucky for Chinese people. It had bright and colorful skin which made them look blurry. Dragon likes to stay alone and reserved thus it is said that 2012 year will also be just like Dragon mystical and interesting. Baby born on this year will have good energy, power and intelligence.

In Chinese astrology 12 signs are symbolized by 12 animals. Every animal is used to symbolize a year. This cycle of 12 signs are repeated with 5 basic elements which are metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Each sign will come with all of the five signs; in this case dragon will be of five types as metal dragon, water dragon, wood dragon, fire dragon and earth dragon.

Chinese Zodiac Year 2012

Chinese Zodiac year 2012 is year of water dragon. Here is the brief on all types of dragons:

Metal Dragon:

Metal dragons have strong will power. They always stand for what they believe in. They are intelligent and adventurous people thus cherish company of people who can match their qualities. They often have many followers.

Water Dragon:

Water Dragons are little calm in nature. They are helpful to others. They can easily understand what others have to say. They may also like to give advises to others.

Wood Dragons:

Wood Dragons are imaginative and innovative people. They would like to share their thoughts with others. They make quick friends and lead them all.

Fire Dragons:

Fire Dragons are short tempered and very energetic people. They are also very expressive and impulsive people. They often make mistakes while being hasty. They can give their best performance when in full control and calm nature.

Earth Dragons:

Earth Dragons have stable and traditional personality. Thus they are capable of taking firm decisions. These people have calm nature. Earth Dragon would like to see people appreciating their work.

Following information shows person’s fortune in Chinese zodiac year 2012 according to his/ her element:

Element Metal:

People who have Metal element are safe from any fire in the year 2012 as it is the year of water. Metal can also hide itself in water from any problem. This year can be good for people with metal element.

Element Water:

Water can easily get mixed with other water resources thus this year will be just lucky for the people with water element.

Element Wood:

Wood or tree can have good growth with the help of proper water thus people born with wood element can receive better nourishment from water. Be aware if you already have too much water then it can also be dangerous as it can uproot the tree. Generally Dragon lives on both earth and in water thus wood people will not have to worry about it.

Element Fire:

Element fire and water is not a good combination. Water can end the light of fire. This year people with fire element need to pay more attention for their security.

Element Earth:

Combination of Earth and Water can be complementing to each other. Excess of both can also be bad for each other. Water can take away all the soil from the ground but it will also get muddy due to it. People with earth element need to have patience to grab correct opportunity.




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