Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius both are cheerful and friendly in nature. They both like each other’s company as they have lots of things common. Aquarius person can provide more stability to Gemini person. They both would have friendly relationship in whichever type of relations they form.

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Gemini personality:

Gemini people show childish and moody nature. They are talkative people who like to meet people and share their thoughts with them. They can talk with anybody on any topic. They are imaginative and clever. They often make stories to entertain people. They can manipulate your thoughts and make listen to them. Though they are intelligent they often lack decision making abilities. They also lack steadiness. Gemini people tend to indulge in several activities but leaving everyone incomplete. As soon as they start it, they would be distracted by some other ideas. They find it more interesting than previous one and they start running after new one. Gemini does not like to indulge in single relationship as they prefer to mingle with different people.

Aquarius personality:

Aquarius people are friendly in nature. They like to go on long journey or campaigning.  They like to meet new people and share happy moments with them. They never get any problems while dealing with people. They have tendency to talk to people very nicely. They would collect as much information from them as possible. They are down to earth people who treat everybody in same manner. Though they are friendly in nature; they like to make their own identity. They live independent lives. They are strong willed people who achieve success in any condition. Aquarius people have better control on their emotions hence they make good decisions. Aquarius person may be seen involved in doing something strange. They want to serve people by making something new and unique.

Gemini and Aquarius relationship:

Gemini and Aquarius make very interesting couple. They can create good bond with one another regardless of their status. They know only one thing that is friendship. They both like to dream and share those dreams with each other. This can create more funny and enjoyable moments in their lives. They can also have some minor arguments but it doesn’t affect their relationship and affection for each other.

Gemini and Aquarius will never face any boredom in their relationship. Their way of talking and sharing their visions may not be understandable by other people. They will simply laugh off this fairytale couple and would go to their work. Both of them like to entertain another partner with their weird mindsets. They may also confuse each other but this confusion helps them to hold the challenges and debate over it. They both are spendthrifts in nature.

Gemini and Aquarius

both add excitement in their relationship. As siblings or friends they will have maturity and understanding in between them. Together they will complete many milestones. They can make business where there are easy earnings as big amount of money would be spent by them in order to get have luxurious life. There will be no problem in their love relationship as they sail very smoothly. They would make fine parents who treat their children like friends.

 Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini’s manipulating nature can bring the moral of relationship down. They have tendency to have half truths. So, in order to avoid any conflicts they would just not say anything. Aquarius who is analytical in nature tends to find those truths. This moment can start the arguments between Gemini and Aquarius. At one point Aquarius also becomes tolerant to the antics of the Gemini people which show their honesty. Gemini should understand this and try to be as clear as possible with them.

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