Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer find it easy to adjust with one another since they bo0th are mutable in nature. They both have different tastes and attitudes of living life but still they fascinate each other. They may also share close intimacy that most of the couples want to have between them. As cancer is sensitive in nature, he may get hurt by mischievous Gemini sometimes but it is not a big deal.

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Gemini personality:

Gemini people show restlessness. They are highly intelligent but unstable due to which they may appear confused or little uncertain about their decision. They are talkative people and like to brag about themselves. They may talk about what people should do against pollution and crime but never really follow it. They would just talk and leave its burden on you. They never try to do or act on what they usually insist to people; because they will have to follow it first. They can even just say lie to entertain you. Gemini people need frequent changes in their lives. They sense something more interesting is missing in their lives, and thus they keep running from one task to another. This habit can give them, problems maintaining friendship, relationships or more importantly their careers.

Cancer personality:

Under strong shell their lies the soft hearted and sensitive person. Cancer people are kind and forgiving in nature. They are little lazy but when they decide to do anything they do it with full dedication. They can work in any conditions with patience and full determination. They usually come with good ideas and convert them in reality. They are creative people and have artistic talents. They may have gifted talents of dancing, singing, drawing or any sport. They may also show high values like honesty and loyalty. They can even show urge to dominate sometimes but not in cunning way. They would like to manage things around. Cancer people are attentions seeker and they love taking admirations from people.

Gemini and Cancer compatibility:

Gemini and Cancer share good compatibility as they may find many characteristics common between them. Cancer person is creative and sometimes even talkative. They like to share their thoughts so that they can get better reviews of it. They are also a good listener which will give good opportunity to Gemini to talk and share their feelings. Gemini and Cancer both can be funny and cheerful. They both possess the ability to daydream, with which they both can entertain each other by sharing it. If any outsider listens to their gossips then he would probably listen to their imaginary stories more interestingly. They both can also get moody sometimes.

Along with their abilities they may also share some common interests. They both know how to get attention from people. They can also see what people need and can change according to that. They know exactly how to represent themselves in public while controlling their inner emotions and excitements. They both can have interests in arts and would work on it together.

Gemini and Cancer

This relationship between Gemini and Cancer may show lots of love and care to each other. As friends or co-workers, they both can have really good interactions and understandings. They both make each other feel comfortable by lending a helping hand at regular interval. Friends or siblings may share common interests or goals. They van have many enjoyable moments together. If they are thinking of entering in business together then Gemini would have to be more precise and practical to help Cancer people. Gemini and Cancer can have pleasant relationship with one another. Some problems can arrive as cancer is more emotional and take relations seriously while Gemini is never really serious about their relationships. Gemini and Cancer would make great parents as one is caring and cheering while other is affectionate in nature.

Gemini and Cancer 

Though there are always light moments in their relationship; there are things to remember for both. Cancer people need to share emotions with their partner but Gemini is may take it too lightly that will hurt cancer badly. This can also give rise to possessiveness by cancer person. Gemini person needs to control their tendency to flirt with others at least not while cancer is around. Gemini should take it seriously when cancer is emotional or sad. If Gemini and Cancer both can take care of these things then this relationship has very long life to spend with each other.

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