Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn both are interesting to be with but can have characteristic disliked by other one. Gemini is fun loving and enthusiastic people while Capricorn is of serious type and they want well settled life.

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Gemini personality:

Gemini people can’t be predicted due to their ever changing moods. They are social and outgoing. They are  attention seekers and like to draw attention from people. They would do mimicry to entertain people. They lack stability due to which they can’t keep themselves steady at particular thing. Their mind searches for excitement. Thus they tend to leave their current work and run after things which they think are more interesting. They use their talkative nature to learn from other people. They can involve in arguments with other people to prove that they right. They can talk on almost everything.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are hard working and ambitious in nature. They are of serious type and like to be independent. They crave for success and fame. They believe in reality and action. They don’t like wasting their time so they keep themselves busy with any task. They have good memory and will to learn more. They show responsible personality on which you can rely to achieve any task. They always use known tactics to work rather than going for new ones. They are resourceful people and can work alone. They believe in experiments, if they get positive feedback than only they will resort to it.

Gemini and Capricorn relationship:

Gemini people find Capricorn people interesting due to their self-sufficient and calm nature. They will often get nervous and wayward; this time Capricorn can provide them stability and calm them down. Gemini will also try to entertain Capricorn people with their quick humor. Gemini would try to manipulate Capricorn  people but they are not one to fall for their sweet talk. They learn quickly about the Gemini nature. Capricorn people make strong bonds with people and may stick to them forever. Gemini people are not like this. They can teach Capricorn people to spend good time with people and then move on.

Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn would have to co-operate with each other in order to make this relationship work. They may be just friends who don’t know what other person like. They may not be close enough for that. So, Gemini would have t make extra efforts to get to the Capricorn’s mind. If they are siblings then they would co-operate and work properly as they Capricorn are dedicated to their family members. There are very few chances to succeed in commercial partnership as Gemini lack seriousness. If Capricorn is ready to open up and share their feelings and Gemini is ready to control their moodiness then this relationship can work otherwise it is not possible. Capricorn can become lovely parent while Gemini can get friendly with their children.

Gemini and Capricorn 

Gemini tries to pull Capricorn closer to them by talking sweetly to them. Capricorn who is self-reliant person may not have interest in it as they think it is waste of time. This can upset the Gemini people just like their Capricorn people feel about their playful nature. If Gemini and Capricorn manage to stay together then Gemini would get strong support from much tolerant Capricorn person while Capricorn can have some moments of fun with Gemini people.

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  1. Everything that was said about them is true..now my question is if is it advisable for a gemini and a capricon to be partners.i ned an aswer please

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