Gemini and Gemini


Gemini and Gemini both can have smooth and entertaining relationship. Since, they both have similar characteristics they find it easy to understand each other. They will like each other’s company but still there can be some dull moments with their moody nature.


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Gemini personality:

Gemini people are intelligent and yet creative. They are talkative in nature and talk to people on the subject they are interested in. They like to gain information from whichever way it may come. They like to learn new things and would learn it quickly. They are witty people and would prefer to entertain people any time. They like surrounded by people. They may also show intentions of staying independent but will soon come out of it get mixed with other people. They can also show duality in their nature which may also confuse them. They may be involved in some experimenting, looking to find their answers but at the same time they may also cause financial loss. Thus they can’t be depended. Since they are bigmouth they may even lie to entertain you.

Gemini and Gemini Relationship:

When Gemini and Gemini are involved in a relationship, they may make comforting relationship with each other. They will have good understanding with each other since their nature and needs are almost same. They will also like each other’s company as they both like talking. They both are intelligent and would like to have their own space. They both are capable of bringing different innovations but may get confused with them as this is their natural habit. They tend to have difficulties while deciding their strategies.

Gemini and Gemini both can have easy life with one another. There will entertain their partners with their funny nature. Since, they both possess same skills there will not be place for any suspicion. Their playful nature may take them away from reality and sometimes out of control. They both like dreaming but they never try to achieve those goals. They will need to take their lives seriously and help each other out. They have better chances of getting cooperation from each other since, they like working together.

Gemini and Gemini

can have freely floating relationship with each other. As friends or siblings they will have much more to share with each other. They may have same interests in which they will look to succeed. Co-workers or relatives will have good communication between them. They may talk on several topics and motivate each other to learn more about it. They are just not good to be business partners as they both lack practicality and reliability. They may come up with innovative concepts but they fail in executing them. They make independent living but still caring lovers. They show no possessiveness for each other. They may have to suffer from moody nature of one another. They make kinds of parents who generally inspire their children.

Gemini and Gemini

Sometimes living with similarities may also become irritating. They both have problems with unstable moods. They may lose the contact with reality if not given any feeds by any third party. They will need someone to wake them up from their dreamy nature. Their moody nature can also put them against each other. They have tendency to make situations even worse. They lose their control when they get into fights. After all of this, they still manage to stay together. They don’t keep grudges and move on quickly.  They will have to show loyalty and respect for each other in order to have stability in their lives.

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