Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo can easily get into several relationships. They both can be fun loving and cheerful to each other. They may also have respect for the kind of bond they share among them. Leo is dominating and seeks admiration from their partner. This is the place where Gemini can fall short.

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Gemini personality:

Gemini people are friendly and live in nature. They are easy going people with little carelessness in their attitude. They like to meet new people and can talk on any subject with them. They usually try to lure people with their good interacting skills. They can entertain people, whenever they get a chance. Gemini people are impatient, always running to find best for them. Their mind is not stable so they may show uncertainties about their decisions. Actually Gemini people are born intelligent but they lack ability to take decisions. They can often find themselves day dreaming. Gemini people have tendency to run away from their responsibilities. They do not believe in relationships and may cause several break ups. They may also be linked to several other people hoping to keep their life exciting. Excitement and interest are keys to their relationships.

Leo personality:

Leo people are dominating and courageous in nature. They like to win over all the things. They have quite resemblance to the nature of the Lion, which also symbolizes the Leo personality. They are creative and take pride in making. They are attention seekers and like receiving appreciations from people. They could even take whole credits to them even if they have worked on small part of it. They show helping and kind nature due to which they get huge amount of followers. They are confident about their decisions and stand firm on it. Leo people can become furious if anyone tries to disapprove them. They can also become rude while proving themselves right. But their kind nature also makes them forgive people. They are rigid people and do not change their mind unnecessarily.

Gemini and Leo personality:

In Gemini and Leo relationship, Leo tries to prove their creativeness and ability to defend any challenges. They are little unsure if they can do it or not but definitely confident about winning over it. They are also well supported by Gemini people, who are not so good in making decisions but cheerful in nature. Sometimes, Leo may have to work alone as Gemini is often trapped in its own uncertainties and race to complete their own goals. Gemini person needs freedom which is well provided by Leo. They may feel that their ability to dream is not understood by other people. Leo finds sad Gemini and shows his consideration for her. After getting well support from Leo, Gemini comes back to the life and showers the words of appreciation. Leo who dies for admirations will grow more close to Gemini. Actually Gemini ties to induce Leo person in doing things that they always wanted. They can easily fool Leo people with their good conversation skills.

Gemini and Leo

As friends, co workers or relatives Gemini and Leo show good support for each other. Gemini may show more respect for Leo person and allowing them to lead first. Leo also feels the kindness of Gemini and becomes more loving towards them. They will also have good conversation amongst them which will make things clear to one another. They may not become much successful as they both are selfish and spendthrifts in nature. They get very intimate in beginning but Gemini soon loses interest in relationship and creates problems for Leo person. Gemini must remain close to Leo or else it can result in separation or divorce. They can become good parents once they are together.

Gemini and Leo

can have plenty of problems in this relationship to solve. Gemini person must try to control on their moods as it really tests the Furious Leo’s patience. They themselves are firm natured people and will not allow any careless nature. Leo who is in love with Gemini tries to explain how wrong they are but Gemini shows no care and feels annoyed by Leo’s lecture. Gemini and Leo must cooperate with each other to have peaceful life. Leo should allow Gemini to be independent while Gemini must learn to be firm like Leo.

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