Gemini and Libra

Gemini and Libra both like socializing and having fun. They both are intellectual people who need something to work on. They both can also be moody or dreamy, thus they usually have problems making firm decision. They both tend to enjoy each other’s company regardless of their weaknesses.

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Gemini personality:

Gemini people are blessed with good communication skills. They like to entertain people or use it for own benefits. They are clever people with urges to learn more and more. Their ability talk with other people also helps them to give and share information. They do not have any specific goals or opinions. They change according to needs of people. They lack consistency and decision making ability. For them nothing is enough and they are always after the best of best. They will leave their current activity to go after new. They like activities which involves lot of thinking.

Libra personality:

Libra people have attractive features and charming personality which can lure any person towards them. Along with good looks they have strong logical abilities. They may not be able to make good decisions but they are good while analyzing what is right for them. They like to help people finding the truths. They have better understandability which helps them to understand people. They can also become negotiator between two fighting parties. They always try to maintain balance in all things. They like to win every task; they will not stop or leave that work until and unless they succeed.

Gemini and Libra relationship:

Gemini and Libra both like to spend some valuable time with other people. Hence, as a couple they would meet other couples, organize small gatherings, parties etc. They both have artistic knowledge and curiosity to learn more in it. Due to this their lives are always filled with entertainment and they never suffer from boredom. Gemini and Libra both bring new ideas to keep their lives exciting.

There is a difference between Gemini and Libra’s ethics. Gemini can always move on with whatever they think. They can change from one decision to another like it just doesn’t matter to them. Gemini does not like anyone keeping control on them and they just escape from it. This is not the same with Librans. They make decisions and try to obtain results from it. They will not run away from it. They make set of alternatives and pick one of best to get the results. They know how to keep balance in it. They know that they can find a solution for their problems and are confident about it.

Gemini and Libra

Gemini and Libra have never ending affection for each other, so whichever type of bond it may be. If they are friends, siblings or co-workers they interact very lively with one another. They always have many things to share with each other and to entertain each other. They may indulge in arguments but they will find out solution for it. Friendship is rooted deep inside of them. They are not built for business but they can use their communication skills as strong weapons for marketing. They not only make good lovers but also good parents. They will make very supportive parents for their children. They will introduce then to various new and exciting things in life. Their children can be born intelligent and smart.

 Gemini and Libra

As far as relationship is concern Gemini and Libra make happy pair though there can be some debates in decision making. Libra will have to be quick in making their decisions and explaining it to Gemini, as they take lot of time to think. Gemini will have to learn to be consistent with their decisions. They always have good communication with each other and there can never be any dull moment in their relationship.

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