Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini and Scorpio relationship is a real testing time for both. They both have different nature and characteristics which can blow up their relationship. Gemini is extrovert, active and high-spirited while Scorpio is of serious type in all of their activities. They may have initial attractions for each other due to different characteristics but it can become worse later when they move towards the serious phase. It has chance to live up if they both get married and are living together.

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Gemini personality:

Gemini people are fickle minded and easy going. They are never serious about what they do. They like to meet people and entertain them. They have gifted qualities of talking using which they can make you listen to them for hours. They are humorous and funny people. They show impatient and frequently changing nature. They can never be stopped at they have whole world to hunt. They make decision but even before executing it they change their mind and move on to next decision. They want to achieve the best. Actually they are clever people but usually fail to convert those decisions into results due to their moodiness. They like to live independently which can make them fall in trouble if not guided properly.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people have good amount of strength and they can tackle anybody who tries to dominate them. They themselves are dominating creatures but often like to keep it cool and under control. They are self-sufficient people. Scorpio people can possess strong will power with which they can achieve any task. They make their own decisions and stand for it. They rarely mind others view so there is no way that they will change their decisions. They are honest people for those who respect them and be honest with them. They look mysterious due to their self-reliant qualities. It is also difficult to read their minds since they do not socialize more and always involved in some activities. They have need to research and study.

Gemini and Scorpio relationship:

Gemini and Scorpio Since Scorpio people are expert in analyzing they easily notice the moody nature of Gemini people. This is not their type as they have stable mind. Gemini also talks too much which is not appreciated by Scorpion. Gemini can get tired of talking alone and would feel need of having someone with whom they can share their feelings. They are the people who need frequent change and if they get paired with people like Scorpio then they can get bored easily. They like to show people how intelligent they are. They have good entertaining abilities with which they can keep them amused all the time. They are careless people who take every task easily. Be it their relationship with another or their professional life, they never care what may be the result of their activity.

If Gemini and Scorpio decide to live together then they can have honest and devoted relationship. They both will show interest in learning more about one another. Generally free spirited and active Gemini may start concentrating more on Scorpio’s mysterious work style. As Scorpio looks for detailed information and accurate work they take their time for completion; this can annoy the impatient Gemini people. Similarly, Scorpio can get annoyed by Gemini’s inability to stick to one thing. Scorpio may share some typical characteristics of Gemini like getting tense easily or feeling of excitement etc but they never show it to Gemini. They become confident with every coming day. Gemini on the other hand is open person; it will not take much time for Scorpio to learn about their characteristics.

Gemini and Scorpio

As friends or siblings, they both can perform well with Scorpio in leading role. As relatives they will hardly have any interactions. In business, Gemini can bring new ideas and Scorpio can convert them into results. They will have to have good understanding between them to work together. They may not succeed in love relationship as they have many differences to understand. They may succeed in keeping good relationship if waited and understood each other for long time. A marriage can help them have good relationship ahead.Scorpio can teach their children discipline while Gemini will be close to them as a friend.

Gemini and Scorpio 

Though Scorpio people are good in studying the human nature, they fail to analyze some traits of Gemini. It is also difficult because Gemini goes with their imagination abilities. They can have visions and would go after chasing them. Scorpio may feel it uncomfortable. Gemini may get involved in some rumors as they are freely floating and social people. This can make Scorpio a little possessive towards Gemini. Gemini on the other hand may do not like him being too possessive about them. They won’t even show care about them. There is nothing common between them which can bind them together, thus they would need their family members or close friends’ help to live together. If you see from another angle, they are difficult to become a pair.

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  1. this was very helpful understanding to me because im a gemini and my friend guy who i was close to really explains alot but we no longer talk no i could see and understand this site i would recommend thi site to every one becaue its the real deal

  2. this was really helpful know i know why my guyfriend was like this to me like i knew i’ve talked alot nd so i think he never really listened to what i had to say he was vry anti social but i knew what had to be done we had to break up ths close apart because we tgether never worked out when we got to know eachothr a little better things started going down hill and i knew from there knowing more from his site helped me to understand the reasns and i was cluless and i would recommend thi site to everyone

  3. This is me and Gary to the “T”.

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