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Gemini as a child

Gemini children are born mysterious and intelligent because it is in their sun sign to be intelligent and mysterious. They like freedom and liberty and they will never like to stay confined in the same place. They are also witty bunch of kids and they will be the first students to raise their hands when teacher asks a question in the classroom. It will be tough for the parents to raise them because understanding them is very tougher and it is more tougher to know what’s going on in their mind. The best way to raise them is to give them freedom and liberty in what they want to do. The parents should also be a little bit friendly in nature if they want their child to share everything with them, because Gemini child does tend to become secretive and mysterious over a period of time.  These children are those types of kids who love their parents and also respect them a lot, but they will not appreciate if they find their parents interfering their life a lot. . The Gemini kids are also going to be a unique lot of children. These children are dreamers and always think more than the other children of their age. They are also good at academics and extra-curricular activities. They can be good leaders too. All they need is a role model who inspires and motivates them to do good things because these children can get easily influenced by someone. They tend to be very happy when they are given their own space in life because they like to make their own world and live happily in it. These children are also extremely intelligent when it comes to taking decisions in life. Hence to raise these children, parents need to support them in whatever they want to do because they are usually good at deciding what they want in life.

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