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Gemini as a father

We all know Gemini people are very intelligent, mysterious and highly academic in nature, so it is but natural that the Gemini fathers are very different from the usual lot of fathers. They are usually highly educated in different fields and expect the same from their kids from the beginning. They are also strict in their parenting and they will always try to instill the value and importance of education and knowledge in their child’s life. They always tend to keep a tab on their children so that their child doesn’t lose focus or track in life. They are intelligent and hard working fathers for whom career and success means a lot. It may also happen that because of that nature of their father, the Gemini father may sometimes may not be able to keep the attention and care which is require on their children. These fathers have strict guidelines and rules which their child has to follow. But they are also the sweetest fathers. They are their daughter’s favorite and son’s best friend. Gemini fathers are not as strict towards their daughters. The children may not feel the generational gap with their father because he tries his best to understand their children’s life and demands and adjust accordingly. A Gemini father will also give a lot freedom to his children when it comes to making choices regarding what they want to pursue in life or what they want in life as general. The only drawback in a Gemini father is that he will always expect perfection and performance from his child even if it means he has to be stern and tough sometimes towards his children just because he is perfect in whatever he does. All in all Gemini accounts for sweetest and most caring fathers amongst all the sun signs in the zodiac.

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