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It is the rule of the nature that opposites attract each other. Gemini and Aries are completely two different personalities and it can be a very interesting pair. While an Aries is an outgoing, bold and bubbly in nature, Gemini people are calm, secretive and mysterious by nature. These traits are definitely complimenting each other and they can share a great rapport as friends. An Aries may always provide the fun and excitement in their friendship while a Gemini will take Aries to mysterious adventures of life and push him to be more academic in nature. Gemini may get intrigued by the bubbly and cheerful nature as well as wit and charm of his/her Aries friend while an Aries may get fascinated by the creative genius and practical nature of Gemini. Since both the signs are totally different from each other they communicate well with each other. Both Aries and Gemini possess a lot of energy but they channelize it differently. Aries like to rush into everything quickly while Gemini first evaluates and then takes a decision. Gemini looks for freedom of creativity and thought and considers every facets of an argument before reaching a proper conclusion. Because of this, Gemini could easily understand Aries’ reasons for a particular decision or action. A bonding between an Aries and a Gemini is a partnership of cheerful energy and creative strength. Gemini care and strive hard for freedom just like Aries and are fascinated by Aries’ originality and dynamic nature. However Gemini has a fluctuating nature and that could sometimes irritate Aries. Aries may also sometimes get frustrated by the too much secretive nature of Gemini and this may affect their friendship a lot. And Gemini might, from time to time, find Aries’ reckless nature too annoying. Aries are more interested in the materialistic things in life, while Gemini people are more inclined towards the creative aspect of things. Despite the differences, the two signs are pleasantly compatible for each other.

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