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Pour water into water and the water expands, similarly it is a proven fact that two like-minded people often get along quite well with each other. But that is not exactly the case with two friends being Gemini. It is because this sun sign has traits of being mysterious and secretive and when both the friends try to be secretive and mysterious to each other, chances are they may not hit off well with each other and may lead to misunderstandings in their friendships. A bonding between two Gemini friends is more like a relation between four personalities than two. This is due to the changing or dual nature of Gemini. Even though, their bonding would never be a dull one. Both the friends will look at things from an academic and intellectual viewpoint. They would not just allow, but even appreciate the independence and creativity of each other. Gemini people are gifted with excellent communication skills and enjoy the creative process of discussion. Their talent and funny sense of humor make them an interesting pair, amusing each other as well as everyone else surrounding them. However, they should learn to co-operate and work as a team rather than competing with each other, than only they can have a excellent relationship. Gemini loves each other’s cheerful remarks and banter, sarcastic comments and even the occasional criticism they do for each other. But frequent banter might prevent either of the friends from taking the friendship very seriously. However, their cheerful and fun-loving nature usually makes their life and moments enjoyable for them. They have to understand each other well, and that is possible only through continuous communication and understanding. Even though a little complicated but, with some time it can turn out to be a very long lasting and interesting bond of friendship.

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