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Gemini and Pisces are two sun signs which are not only quite different from each other but also exotic in nature because of their varied character traits. A friendship between these two sun signs is based on total understanding, communication and loyalty towards each other. Pisces are very dreamy and creative and Gemini’s intelligence and humor can make theirs an exciting combination. Both the friends are totally straight-forward, open-minded, honest, and flexible. Because they are frank and open minded towards each other they also understand and communicate with each other quite well. Adjustments and flexibility is the main element of their friendship. Gemini and Pisces understand each other well and make an exciting pair together. Pisces are emotional and sensitive and Gemini should be alert not to affect and hurt their feelings. However, any misunderstandings and arguments they have are solved very quickly and they hardly keep ill feelings towards each other and due to their straight-forward nature they also speak up whatever they have in mind towards each other and don’t hide in their hearts. The two friends are very compatible with each other. Jupiter represents creativity and sensitivity while Mercury represents hard work and inventions. As a result, Gemini can often come up with new plans and ideas which are often creative and Pisces can always assist them. As a matter of the fact, Gemini is an air sign and Pisces is a water sign, so both are well suited for each other. Both the friends emphasize a lot on loyalty and emotional feelings. The bonding is filled with fun and both the friends maintain a harmonious and pleasant relationship. However, on occasions, there can be arguments or misunderstandings which they can solve it with regular communication with each other. Since both the friends has loyalty traits, that can keep them going in the friendship. Even though they argue often, they solve their differences very quickly and amicably. However, Pisces can easily get hurt, especially when he/she feels that the other friend does not understand them in a way they want.

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