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Gemini as a mother

Gemini mothers are the quintessential caring and doting moms who will dedicate their entire lives towards their children. These mothers expect their child to excel in whatever they do. Since Gemini people are naturally intelligent and career oriented or academic in nature, they expect the same from their child, even if they are not Gemini. They will try to inculcate the best values and manners in their children. They are not at all strict in their parenting and they raise their children in a very friendly environment. Gemini mothers have a soft spot for their son unlike Gemini father who has soft spot for their daughters. They will try to fulfill almost every wish what their children demands for. Gemini mother also tends to take pride in their child’s academic performance and gives their academics the highest importance in parenting.  A Gemini mother is very soft hearted in nature and they are very attracted and possessive or we can say protective for their children.  She is the kind of mother who will give full freedom and liberty to her children to live life the way they want and never try to dominate or control them.  She is the kind of mother who will be totally devoted towards her children even if it means she has to take time from her busy life if she is a working mother, because at the end of the day, she works so hard for no one, but her children. An all-round progress of her children is a must for a Gemini mother and she will constantly strive hard towards achieving that goal. All in all Gemini mothers are very caring, modern and cool minded moms.


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