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Gemini man in Bed

Gemini man are born mysterious and they are full of secrets and mysteries. They are totally unique and insane in the bed and they can be really fun and exciting to spend time with. These man are always experimental and wild in the bed and they can be really adventurous with their partner. Their energy levels are not as high an Aries or a Libra but they are definitely worth sleeping with. They are not only exciting and adventurous but at the same time they are also very understanding and sympathetic towards others. They are born with deep secrets and you will get to see a totally different side while you are performing with them on the bed. Gemini man are also very good at seduction and their sensuality is very high once they get along with someone.

They also have a tendency to create sexual tension with their partners in order to have sex or sleep with them in the bed. For these men, sex is not the top most priority and for them materialistic things like cars, gymming and clubbing are more important. Hence you have to lure a Gemini man to make them sleep with you. Gemini man are also one of the most adventurous and experiemntal people who will always try out new positions with their partner, they are totally game for new things in the bed. They can also become a little bit kinky and inappropriate in the bed and this may sometimes affect the partner as she may not appreciate that all the time.

For Gemini men, sex is a mode of getting happy and entertained, so you have to make sure you are making your Gemini guy excited and happy at the same time between the sheets as he may easily get bored away if he does’nt find it exciting or adventurous. These are also one of those man who will never attach emotions to sex and for them its just a form of recreation or to get happy. The way you portray yourself and the way you tlk is also going to turn on the Gemini man as they like such things a lot. For, these guys, foreplay is also very important unlike other zodiac signs and infact they wish to have more foreplay in the bed with their partner than sex as it arouses them more. These man will never attach emotions while having sex and if you are looking for a thrilling one night stand or just being friends with benefits, than these are the best animals to mate with but if you are looking for commitment and emotional attachment through sex with them, than you have definitely picked the wrong guy. Overall these are happy go lucky performers in the bed with whom you can have some fun time and just forget about it rather than getting emotionally attached and getting tangled in commitments.


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