Horo for 8/14

Aries: Try your hand at something you usually avoid. If you hate to cook, watch yourself turn into a culinary wizard with a few simple ingredients and the right spices. If you don`t think you`re much of a musician, pick up that instrument and listen to those notes or chords come rippling from the hands of a master. No matter what you start out with, your interpretation is bold, different and wholly unique. People who don`t know you will assume that you`re a specialist or genius. Maybe you are and this is how it begins. Don`t sell yourself short.

Taurus: You`re slow to respond. You`re still trying to work out whether that last remark was an amazing compliment or a grave insult. A simple `thank you` and a change of subject throws the ball back into the other person`s court. When in doubt, be tactful. That`s the best advice you can give or follow. Be reasonable in your expectations for a date or outing. High hopes mean hard work, whether it`s taking care of someone else or picking up the pieces of something that fell apart. Cheer up, though. The next two days will be much better than this one.

Gemini: You thought you`d be too late, but you`re actually right on time. Your delivery is welcome. The party wasn`t really going to start until you got here, anyway. All you have to do is smile and your happiness spreads like a wave. Your pleasant vibe puts everyone at ease. If you`re ready to stop dreaming and start doing, you just created the perfect environment for it. Realistic goals have a wide appeal when all participants get something out of the effort. If you were hoping to make friends and gain support, look no farther. You`re already there.

Cancer: You bask in the afterglow of your recent triumph. You`re not ready to push ahead, and for now that`s okay. Why get serious with someone when you`re still having so much unconditional fun together? Nobody`s in a hurry. Basic things appeal to you from here in your comfort zone. Maybe you`re thinking about getting your home ready for the oncoming holidays. Maybe the slow growth cycle of plants holds special meaning for your current idea about how life works. You`re in a mood for passive learning. There`s no need to reach for what will come to you naturally.

Leo: Maybe you`re a Summer birthday, but you can celebrate any time of the year that feels right. Spontaneous festivity is part of who you are. And if someone else is having a special occasion, you`ll plug right into that without stealing any of his or her thunder. When others need to pretend that they`re the focal point of the Universe, you`ll let them get away with it. There`s plenty of attention and pleasure to go around. If you happen to be here on business, success is a given. Everything you do will be carved in stone and lined with gold.

Virgo: You have bills to pay, whether that means shelling out money or putting in time to earn more of it. You were the grasshopper for a while, and now you get to be the ant again. Personal preference may not be an option right now, especially if the consequences will be even more expensive. Resist the temptation to get involved in other people`s business. Maybe you could show them a thing or two, but it just cuts into your own schedule. Once this phase is all over, you`ll get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. That alone should keep you going.

Libra: Thank the Stars for your friends and family. These are the people who make life worth living. If you haven`t had much time for them lately, plan to spend the next few days in social mode. Be sure to give children some extra attention. This isn`t about their needs being stronger and more immediate. Young minds offer creative solutions to problems that might never be solved through more complex, traditional thinking. And if no one else is coming up with any good ideas, you show brilliant initiative at motivating and organizing an aimless group.

Scorpio: You know a lot, but that`s just a small fraction of what there is to know. Time-honored wisdom rises up and bites back, even if you proved it wrong once or twice before. The news you hear is as good or bad as you make it. Remember that people are watching your reactions. If you`re high-profile enough, they might even be making plans based on what you say and do. Maybe this is smaller than karma, but it could have a lot to do with reputations. Physical activity is a powerful release. Unwind by hitting a ball with a stick or a racket.

Sagittarius: Romance is everywhere. You take it all for granted as love grows inside you and fills your cup to the brim. If there`s no one special in your life as of now, you`re clearly due for a miraculous stroke of luck. The human life span may be small in the face of eternity, but from where you stand, you have all the time in the world. It`s no surprise, given where you are. Your best friend or sweetheart has something to give you. It might involve disappearing for a while, whether on an exotic cruise or just into the next room.

Capricorn: You could be having fun. You might even be getting angry with the person who is supposedly preventing you. Before you take this too far, consider that your view on the situation may be unrealistic. You`re the one who chooses to interpret information as a complaint. Keep your opinions reasonable and they`ll remain welcome in the current discussion. However, if you decide that you`d rather be alone, the day is far from wasted. Take what you know and go do something useful with it. Visible progress always makes you feel better. Your perspective improves by the minute.

Aquarius: Aquarius feels more like the Water Bearer`s cargo than that celestial personage. It`s as if you`re water sloshing up the sides of a jug, contained for the moment, but far from calm. When contradictions and impulses pull you one way and another, it`s hard to know where you stand. Either you just made a wise choice or a big mistake. And you`re not so sure about some of the people in your life. These friends are either your strong suit or your bad hair day. Maybe you lack the clarity you desire, but at least you`re not bored.

Pisces: The world is big and fascinating. Maybe it`s even a little too overwhelming. You remind yourself of a giant sponge, soaking it all up, but not really in control of the process. The best way out of this frame of mind would be to find someone who could give you a good squeeze. Human interaction shakes you out of your passive state and lets you deal with events as a participant. Once you`re cured of spectator`s disease, you`re ready to be a full player. The field is wide open, and your opponents` strategy has never been more obvious. Prepare to win.



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